November 21, 2012~ HELLO to all of you getting ready to CELEBRATE…THANKSGIVING!!!

I was reading this morning about grace and gratitude…and how one without the other makes a heart…halfhearted! As I prepare to embark on a month long season of serving outside of the USA…I long to send my deepest heartfelt THANKS to ALL of you, that I have, or have had the privilege to SERVE!!! There is not one of you that has NOT given LIFE to me, and the work of my own heart!!! I consider each of you a gift from GOD…of lessons, love, and most of all pure grace…to be allowed to be a “small part to the whole” of your child’s life! I am extremely GRATEFUL for each of your children….the love they exude, and the opportunity to help them achieve their highest potential!!! My gratefulness for each of you as your cherub’s parents…comes from the deep waters of my soul…where I long for you to have HIS deepest love, life, and life giving call cemented in your heart forever!!! I know your days can be SO DIFFICULT…and your hearts can feel so much PAIN…but the cherub before you is the MOST PRECIOUS!!! I never pretend to KNOW the depths of your struggle…but I am here to assist in any possible way through your own parenting challenges!!!

Recently, I was celebrating the cherub that GOD gave me…her amazing gifts and talents…but MOST of all her unconditional love and grace she offers as a child to a parent undeserving…to transform into a parent that is the recipient of grace…through such young lives is the TRUE gift to be THANKFUL for this season!!! I know often as a parent of ANY child…we get lost in the expectations of this world…but in truth…it was never meant to be this way…we were always meant to point the way for our children…to guide them away from our mistakes, our pain, our struggles…into the LIFE of their specific CALL!!!

This very morning I was reading about Jacob’s ladder…and came to the realization that on the ladder you must move up or down..there is no place to sit on a ladder….so it brought to my heart the thoughts of when we feel like our children are slipping backwards in their development!!!! I was contemplating how fear (False Evidence Appearing Real*) enters into our hearts when we see the slipping…but we have a choice as a parent to PUSH upward…or join and cherub, and slip downward….We must call to memory our OWN mountains that we have either overcome or torn down…sometimes even one shovel at a time!!! The important message is to keep climbing…keep digging…keep SPEAKING LIFE into our cherubs!!!! THIS MOMENT IS ONLY A MOUNTAIN…..One of my NEW favorite songs…I would love to share is from Jason Castro: “Only a Mountain”01 Only a Mountain

To each of you…. My heartfelt gratitude…and A VERY BLESSED THANKSGIVING!!!! ~DK

*I am not sure of the AUTHOR of F.E.A.R….But I am THANKFUL for this person who spoke LIFE into my own heart through the truth about FEAR!!!