May 8, 2011 – HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all the MOMS around the world!!! I want to first THANK God for my own Mom…and all my sisters, who have loved, supported, and cheered me onward!! As my Mom’s Day comes to a close, I felt led to share some GRATEFUL processes that just might encourage you along your journey!!! So often as a Mom we get so busy trying to care for ALL the people in our lives, that we sometimes MISS the ones that should be the MOST celebratory on Mother’s Day….us MOMS!! Oh dear…you might be thinking…”DK you’ve got it wrong,”….BUT I want to propose some heart thoughts that will not only bring a NEW light to your mothering…but maybe a LIFT to your purpose on this earth!! So today, instead of expecting something great from my daughter, or any recognition as a MOM ( I was deeply blessed)…I chose to purpose my heart for a DAY of THANKFULNESS!!! YOU see to BE “chosen” to be a MOM is a true gift from God…no matter how your cherubs arrived in your arms…they were a planned gift JUST for YOU!! They may have come with developmental issues, or they may be tenacious and spunky…always challenging your parenting skills…but the point is THEY CAME TO YOU!!! YOU are the special one that they call MOM!! As a Mom, it is our choice to raise and nurture our children to BE ALL that they were created to BE!! One of the GREATEST gifts we can give them is to live, love, and serve with a GRATEFUL HEART. SO today, I enjoyed watching my cherub perform a VBS demo in church, went to one of her favorite places for lunch, watched her friend in a musical concert…and ended our day with ice cream, manicures/pedicures..and a few favorite episodes of our favorite old time TV show!!! It is with deep thankfulness that I close my Mother’s Day…knowing that my model to her is what I am CALLED to do!!! As children only do what we do…and not what we say…It is critical to parent consciously…with a purpose everyday!! Mom to Mom, I now desire to CELEBRATE each of YOU…for your heart and diligence to nuture your cherubs to BE!!! I choose to send love and prayers to MOMS everywhere…because in my heart I know we all want to do the BEST job possible. Will it always be easy?? NO…not by my standards…but it is the BEST and MOST IMPORTANT ROLE you will ever live, or speak into anyone’s life!! MOMs…ARISE…put your whole heart into this passionate position that YOU were chosen for!!! Next…my heart THANKS all of you Moms that have allowed me to be a part of your child’s life!!! You have SHARED such a sweet and priceless gift with me…and I will forever be THANKFUL!!! I hope you KNOW…deep in your heart…that I will carry your child’s heart with me ALWAYS!!! BECAUSE you were willing to give…I’ve received!!! What a PRICELESS gift you have given me!!! HAPPY HAPPY…SUPER BLESSED MOTHER’s DAY to ALL of YOU!!! Last…but MOST IMPORTANTLY…I am GRATEFUL BEYOND MEASURE to God, that my daughter was chosen for me!!! Enjoy the honor of being a Mom!!!! LOVE, –DK