October 1, 2010 – Well, a bit of time has passed and hopefully you’re on your way to becoming the newest and most famous “co-author” of your cherub’s story!! It is sometimes necessary for us to take a breather, to gather our thoughts, and to sink some of our new aspirations down into the deep waters of our hearts. I too have been working on this very aspect, as my own daughter is fast approaching age 12!! As a co-author, it is important to take time to LISTEN. Have you ever really listened to your cherub and his/her story?? I ask this seemingly silly question, to spur you into deeper and more integral listening patterns. Our cherubs require our “face” to truly listen and hear their needs, loves, desires, worries, hopes, and dreams. They may not always be able to share with true words, and even when you “hear” them those words may not be “heart” words. This new listening approach will take an act of your will, an investment, and not your brain, or auditory abilities. It’s “Face Time!” Once you submit your face to this active listening pattern, you will soon discover that their actions are speaking louder than their true words. All of a sudden, you are struck with the most out of sync child, his/her body making movements that in your mind seem painful or meaningless…you look more closely…and “BEHOLD,” you finally HEAR your cherub’s communication…”Mommy, this world is a very scary place!” In this very moment you question all you are currently doing, yet your child continues moving, you sit still….watching this cherub get lost in a pattern that you are not attending to, a communication you are not answering…when your faces meet again…this time by CHOICE!! You are now connected to his/her communication, you join the movement, giving smooth movements with a slowing pattern….and you two stop…a smile beams from the face of your child, and a smile radiates from your heart as you now have just written the newest chapter of your cherub’s story; “The Communication Dance!” For those of us who are still trying to etch out some final ink from our old pens….here is some GREAT news…Within this “new” dance with your child YOU too will be HEARD….maybe for the very first time!!! –DK