Good Sunday Morning to ALL of you!!! Have you LOST HOPE in my ability to ever post again??? Well, here I am…still in the midst of a TEACHING season of my life!!! It is true, I am LOVING the return to my ROOTS of teaching Early Intervention, but am MISSING my connection with SO MANY of YOU as PARENTING PARTNERS!!! So, today…I woke up and was stirred onward to write about “GOING!” When we read such a simplistic word, we don’t think of grabbing its’ actual definition so I will provide that for you: Verb: Move from one place or point to another; travel. Noun: An attempt or trial at something: “give it a go”. As I was praying about reconnecting with all of you…a chorus of one of my favorite songs ran through my head; “I’ll GO where YOU send ME,” which goes on to say…”And I’ll try, I’ll try to touch the world.” So GO??? Where are we going as parents in our relationships with our CHERUBS!!! Does it really matter?? Are we trying to just make it through life? Well….I HOPE NOT!!! Our cherubs…tiny, little, medium, big…are all here to teach us how to, “Go for it,” as a reach into their lives and receive what they have for us, while giving back to them what we have GROWN to know as important truths to living!!! We have the most awesome privilege if we choose to “go,” to be a part of orchestrating a life that will hopefully, give back MORE to the coming generations!! Sometimes, we as parents get stalled out…and we are no longer going toward our cherub’s goals…we can lose sight of who they were created to become..because…WE DO NOT GO INTO RELATIONSHIP with THEM!!! We try to control, or we let them GO without boundaries, and validation for what they love, and we suddenly find ourselves disconnected! WHY the disconnect??? FANTASTIC question for ALL of us to reflect upon!!! I am positive that there are so many reasons…we would not be able to write them all down, as often these pitfalls have leaked in from our OLD stories. But, the one I choose to “Go” with today is the principle of teaching self-worth!! As parents, we can often find common interests with our cherub’s that are more naturally “like” us, but when we hit some developmental bumps, and the cherub is interested in something we find a challenge, boring, ridiculous….etc…we STOP!!! It is not always EASY to perceive, but you will SEE it as your child MOVES away from you and finds “someone who is interested,” or finds more “ALONE” time because a preferred parent has “stopped” joining!!! OH DEAR…I hope this is grabbing some of your hearts!!! It grabs MINE…because to GO into relationship with another person requires self-sacrifice…because we SEE and HOPE for the BEST in and out of the person we are connecting to!! Our cherubs…being “younger,” are often dismissed…when WE do not feel like GOING any further!!! So, ask yourself one or some of these questions? Do I sacrifice to STAY in relationship with my cherub?? Do I feel or perceive forward momentum in our ever-changing relationship?? Do I feel sometimes, because of a cherub’s “special need,” that a “going” relationship is impossible? Have I labeled my child a “teen,” so I have stopped “going” into his/her world to relate?? How about a College age cherub?? Do I BELIEVE that “going” into his/her relationship is an infringement on privacy? Well, these are just a few questions we should be asking ourselves, and HONESTLY answering!! Relationships with our cherubs are of the UTMOST importance!! Wherever your cherub is at in his/her developmental journey…I hope you will give some of these heart thoughts “a go,” today!!! I’ve learned that GOING…whether it is going deeper, going forward, going onward, going inward, going upward, or even going sideways…is all the POWER of GO in creating solid relationships with our cherubs!!! I choose not to go backwardsWink!! So join with me today…HAVE FUN and get up and “go” with your cherub!!! THANKS for listening in, on a heart focused on GOING with each of you on your parenting journey!!! Hoping to stay connected~ DK