Oct. 3, 2011…The beginning of a NEW week brings me to a heart reflection that I thought I would share with all my parenting partners!!! Do you LOVE and CLING to your relationship with your cherubs? If not, do you KNOW what you are MISSING? When we look at the meaning of love; having a deep affection for, and the meaning of cling; to hold tightly to, with steadfastness…we may find ourselves wondering if we are still relating in this powerful parenting mode. My heart tonight turns towards those of you who are struggling with cherubs that are either having developmental issues, or true behavioral challenges that are causing you to suffer lack in these areas of “heart” health!!! As parents, we also travel our own developmental journeys, so it is only right to address issues that might be causing us to stumble. I think if we were to all have an open chat, we would discover that the LOVING aspect remains constant, but the “clinging” can become a bit more challenging!!! One of the reasons that I have found this to be true, is the fact that our EXPECTATIONS are often skewed toward our own hopes and dreams. We can often struggle when our cherub comes to join our family…and we find that we are called to WAIT on his/her development, or that we will have to intervene in ways we had never fathomed. For those of you who are already in “GO” mode…you KNOW exactly what I am talking about…and those of you finding yourself in the midst of this journey, but have not switched to “Go,” I HOPE you will take great heart in the reflections that follow….True “developmental” clinging requires a shift in one’s thinking and planning!!! This type of clinging takes on a new meaning that intertwines tremendous heart, tenacious heart, and tender heart, with NEW HOPE! Instead of finding ourselves feeling sorry for our cherubs, or trying to make their lives easier by our perception…it is a time to see the individual potential in each child, raise the bar of hope, and make a plan to scaffold the ladder for the child to climb. It is a new way of seeing them FLY, before they have ever sprouted wings!! When children begin to present with any type of “special” need, we must begin to PUSH…not in a hasty or harsh way, but in a positive, affective way to ENGAGE their hearts, minds, and bodies!! When our cherub’s are INTERESTED…they come to learn, to try, to push themselves, and ultimately BELIEVE that they CAN DO IT!!! Can your heart feel it?? We as parents do not have to MISS out on CLINGING…we can choose to hold the vision for our cherub, while orchestrating their next steps to meet each developing need. So, why keep LOVING and CLINGING? Well, LOVING…that one is easy….but CLINGING…it is PIVOTAL as NO CHERUB ever wants to feel LET GO OF…they all want to KNOW that you are there as their loving parent holding onto hope for their greatest development, while appropriately pushing them forward and upward. Loving and Clinging to each of you for your MOST positive parenting journey!! ~DK