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No Matter What Your Title…YOU can Be SUPER-POWERED!

Have YOU ever felt so defeated that YOU wondered if YOU could ever BE SUPER-POWERED again? Well, if this is YOU, keep reading and maybe, just maybe you will be ENCOURAGED and INSPIRED! Recently, I had the MOST AMAZING experience speaking with a LOVELY group of MOMS, and a couple of Grandmothers at a Women’s [...]

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Compassionate Communication

August 21, 2015 ~ Hello Parenting and Educating Partners!!!!  I have been thinking about ALL of you lately as God has been teaching me to dive into the deeper waters of HIS compassion, and how to be a better and more effective "Compassionate Communicator!"  One of the GREATEST lessons I have most recently learned is; [...]

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Celebrating Dillon’s Life!!!

May 18, 2015 ~ TODAY we celebrate the SWEET and LOVING life of Dillon!!!!  Our Amazing Dillon went home to be with the Lord on May 16, 2015!!! (For those of you who do not know, Dillon like his older brother Nathan, was afflicted with Tay-Sachs, in which there is no cure)  Dillon will be [...]

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Behold….The Intricate Intentions of Young Children!!!!!

January 20, 2015 ~ Hello Parent, and Educator Partners!!!!  I hope you have all started your NEW YEAR off with great patience, and even greater expectations of your AMAZING children!!!!  This is a pivotal time to renew our commitments to raising the bar, and accessing "time as our dearest friend."  Remember, CHILDREN only do what [...]

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Leaving HeartPrints!!!!!

October 5, 2014 ~  Hello Parenting, and Teaching Partners!!!!  I am sure MANY of you have reflected at one time or another on the "legacy" you are leaving for your own children, or the children you are passionately teaching and guiding.....Today, I want to share with you about "not" just leaving a legacy....but actually leaving [...]

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Parenting Habitually, or Decisively….?????

August 20, 2014 ~ Hello Parenting and Teaching Partners!!  I have missed you ALL so very much....but it has been a very BUSY summer, filled with GREAT GROWTH and DEVELOPMENT!!!! I hope that each of you have enjoyed your children, and have discovered some NEW areas of parenting and teaching growth, as well as areas [...]

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