March 7, 2014 ~ Greetings Parenting, and Educational Partners!!!!  I missed you all for several days….but NO WORRIES….I have NOT forgotten our need, as we are BECOMING the BEST for our children!!!!!  First and foremost…we must acknowledge and accept our GREATEST CALL is to LEAD our children in GREAT LOVE, and CONFIDENCE!!!!  Today, I would like to chat about four action oriented areas that can help us GAIN focus, and walk in leadership!

Model, Model, Model.…..We are our children’s BEST models if we choose it!!!!  Abraham Lincoln once said, “There is but one way to train up a child in the way he should go, and that is to travel it yourself.”  If we are to take this advice to heart…we must be willing to step out of our adult shoes and into our cherub’s!!!  We will need to “put” on their developmental stage, as well as their developmental strengths and weaknesses, in order to deeply understand the exact MODEL they currently need!!!  For example if you have a child that cries a lot….it is the perfect time to look deeply at their EQ, and what their deeper need is….quite often their frustration level is so high that they resort to crying as a way to get an adult to help them figure something out.  This is an opportune time to model PATIENCE in the midst of frustration!!!!  Move your body more slowly, use calm voice tones…and wait for your child to show, or tell you their need!  If your cherub is a young infant…do the same as above, as well as trying a few actions that are familiar to you to meet their need!!!  TRY not to distract…Remember: Do not REACT… but….RESPOND for LIFE!  NEUTRALITY in modeling is KEY!!!!  Never let your cherub’s see you fret, or sweat due to their manifestations of behavior!

Let’s REFLECT & ACHIEVE….When we operate from a heart space of ” reflection and achievement” we discover the ability to truly discern our cherub’s uniqueness…which will become our pivotal tool for teaching him or her!!!  It is critical to reflect upon  your own stress, expectations, and disappointments…before you try to disciple, or lead your child up his/her developmental ladder!  As you reflect and begin to transform your own “stuff,” you will discover how to adapt your style to better meet the needs of your precious children…and the distinct way they were fashioned!!!!  For example, if you are an adult who has struggled with anxiety….it will be critical for you to achieve a calm, and anxiety free space before trying to model or manage your child!!!!  If not…we will impose our anxieties, fears, and such onto them…which sends mixed, and chaotic messages!!  It is a great idea to reflect on your individual “chaos,” as many of our cherubs need order, and organization to achieve to their highest!!!  Chaos creates more chaos!!!!

Make Foundational Memories…..Our children’s memories of HOW we currently lead, and led them are far more important than toys, trips, or worldly treasures!!!!  Our cherubs have the ability to HOLD onto foundational teachings from early life….if we walk by their side, and follow our modeling, reflective, and achievement guidelines!!!  Ultimately, the foundation will help our cherub’s EMBRACE, and EXECUTE the teachings from their early childhood experiences!!!  For example, If you educate, and guide your young child to eat foods that give their brain power, and strengthen their bodies…they will tend to follow those principles, and not depart from them when they get out into the big world!!!!  If you model, and manage the earning, and spending of your finances, as well as demonstrate and get your cherub involved in “giving back,” your cherub will become a great steward of his/her earnings and gifts!!!  If you struggle with using “exclamatory” language with your cherub present…they will also become users of those often unbecoming words, and phrases!!  Of course their are infinite examples of all of the areas we can build foundation for…..sooo take some time to reflect on your hopes and dreams for your child….THEN CHECK the foundation you are modeling, and achieving  for their greatest opportunity to BUILD, and HOLD for the future!

I hope you are excited to strive toward your own greatness while working on these principles…As you choose to be a disciplined leader of children…you will discover a new level of attachment, and engagement with children!!!  Remember, children came to “know things….and BE known.”  When they can know, see, and feel you as a disciplined leader….they will follow closely!!!  Alternatively, when our cherub’s see us in chaos, indecisiveness, disorganized, and frustrated….they cannot see the BEST path to follow as clearly!!!

I am beginning to SEE my God-Given cherub activate from the foundation that we have been privileged to lay….it gives such HOPE to the heart….and WINGS to strive to be a BETTER….MORE DISCIPLINED LEADER, and USHER for her life!!!!  Remember….it is not ALL PERFECT….as we are GROWING and LEADING alongside our children….BUT I wholeheartedly BELIEVE……TOGETHER….WE CAN DO THIS!!!!!  We can SHOW them the way…so as they develop…they will stand firm on the foundations that were built!!!!  Proverbs 22:6  “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it”

With LOVE, HOPE and GRACE…that you will all be INSPIRED!!!!  ~ DK