January 20, 2015 ~ Hello Parent, and Educator Partners!!!!  I hope you have all started your NEW YEAR off with great patience, and even greater expectations of your AMAZING children!!!!  This is a pivotal time to renew our commitments to raising the bar, and accessing “time as our dearest friend.”  Remember, CHILDREN only do what we DO…..not necessarily what we say!!!  They are created with patterns, and they can become GREAT followers, and leaders as they interact and engage with intention!!!  This is a perfect time of year to re-assess our modeling as parents, and educators!!!

Over our Christmas Holiday, I had an amazing privilege to spend time with a 17 month old cherub, that taught me a multitude in just 2 weeks!!!!  She is an inspiration of HOPE….as she communicates with great depth of love through her eyes!!!

Can you SEE it??  She has the complexity of, “intent to engage” with this fine goat, that is rarely witnessed in the life of a young child!!!!  So, is the mystery question “why,” or “why not?”  It is with great respect that this toddler is acknowledged, honored, and shaped to be an “active” play partner whether it is with people, or animals!!  She is a visual learner, so during her first visit to see goats, it was modeled that we show love, kindness, and respect during our active engagements with them.  With great intent….she chooses to connect….nothing could hold this little heart back!!!!


It all begins with connection!!!!  (I encourage each one of you to accept this child’s heart challenge…..GAZE into your child’s eyes today….see what happens!)

And then the “amazing intricate intention” begins, and sinks deep into the heart of both animal and child!!!  The result….a communicative exchange, sharing the simple enjoyment of meeting one another!

If we model and teach…through affective engagement….a child can follow!!!  It is when we have set patterns that are negative, and limiting that we see a child modeling behavior that we may have never intended to have modeled!  BEHOLD….HOPE!!!  It is never too late to make a U-Turn!   The purity of heart with great intent, can model how to create adjustments, and ultimately see people, animals, or situations, in a BRAND NEW way!

So, if you are feeling led to refresh your “modeling for life,”….here is a simple way to practice the miracle;

H ~ Hold onto YOUR vision for your child!

O ~ Own YOUR modeling…

L ~ Lead and Love out loud….

D ~ Don’t let what you SEE, deter you from your mission of modeling for GREATNESS!

H ~ Honor your child’s INTENT!

O ~ Observe, and Re-model!!

P ~ Passionate Leadership is required not just recommended!

E ~ Engage at ALL COSTS!

In this NEW YEAR….may we each be “caught” Beholding Hope!!!!  Truly living with, “confident expectation!”

Gratitude floods my heart, as I look to God and SHOUT…THANK YOU for YOUR HOPE…YOUR SON…JESUS, and YOUR miraculous GIFTING of children!!!! 

Holding HIS confident expectation for each of you, as we journey together!!!! ~ DK