August 26, 2010 – So here I am beginning this new journey of sharing online to some of the MOST precious people in my UNIVERSE….PARENTS!!!! I come to you today to discuss the critical nature of opening, discovering, and nurturing those cherubs we have come to know as our children. Truly children are our MOST precious gifts, but sometimes their packaging can cause some unforeseen bumps along their road of development. As we begin this journey, we must first recognize that ALL children are unique and come with their own developmental timelines. Although, we have an original map to guide us, we often find that our child’s development may take a side trip or several to be honest. We must be prepared!! Parents must KNOW what developmental stage their child “should” be at and what this stage should look like, feel like, and how best to support the child physically and emotionally. With this knowledge parents can KNOW that they are on the right track, and even when it feels a bit stressful one can take comfort that the child cannot go around, under, or over this stage….they must go THROUGH it!! As we “unwrap,” my hope is that as parents you will be strengthened, encouraged, and hope-filled!! –DK