February 18, 2014 ~ Greetings Parenting, and Educational partners!!!!  I pray your journey is moving along, and you can now see your cherubs reaching new heights in their EQ (emotional quotient)!!!!  I am LOVING our side trips, in order to re-lay some of the building blocks for our cherubs to BE ALL THEY WERE CREATED TO BE!!!!  Today I would like to warm our hearts to one of the “deepest,” and most important values….”EMPATHY!”  We often think of our cherubs becoming empathetic so that they can have a conscious awareness of others’ feelings…..but today….I would like to assist each of us in building some NEW blocks to ensure that our cherubs not only consider others’ feelings…but ACTUALLY  learn to problem solve, and create ways to alleviate others’ suffering!   To be “fair,” this new building block is more difficult than it sounds!!!!  So, in order to encourage each of you…I ask that you create a picture (a memory brick) to hold in your heart of your child becoming the MOST EMPATHETIC person you could EVER KNOW!!!! Remember; holding a vision for your cherub…will always keep them moving up their developmental ladder…
Soooo, let’s sow some heart seeds from your VISIONS….and watch empathy take root, and begin to grow!  A new surprise will appear when your cherub’s empathy grows….can you see the NEW SHOOTS???   The gorgeous blossom is taking shape, and will soon become the ability to take others’ perspectives!!!


E ~ ENJOY your cherub, and their learning journey!!!  Engage your cherub in LIFE, & LOVE GIVING activities!!!!

M ~ MAKE every moment count for TODAY!!!!  IT COULD BE YOUR LAST DAY WITH THEM!!!!

P ~ PEEK into your cherub’s active world of LOVE…and assess his/her current “role models.”

A ~ ALWAYS demonstrate empathy when speaking, or engaging with others’ in your cherub’s environment!  YOU are your child’s GREATEST TEACHER, and ROLE MODEL!!!!

T ~ TEACH your cherub to SEE others’ for WHO they are….NOT for who we might desire them to be….Talk to them about others’ inappropriate behaviors, and how your child can choose to respond in positive, and helpful ways for LIFE!!!!

H ~ HANDLE life, and LOVE with tenderness…and life giving hope, and prayer!

Y ~ YES LIVING!!!  Make your cherub’s life, a life of YES’S….to the BEST choices to serve others’!

& ~ PAUSE…..WAIT PATIENTLY… in the WARMTH of your heart’s vision…..

P ~ PATIENTLY, PROBLEM SOLVE in front of your child as often as possible!!!

E ~ EMOTIONALLY support your cherub to “stay in the game” with a difficult playmate, or peer!!!!  The longer your child stays in the game…the greater problem solving skills they will secure for life!

R ~ REGULATE volatile, or sensory dysregulating situations with ADULT EMPATHY!!!  YOUR model WINS!!!!!  MAKE IT COUNT!!!

S ~ SEEK opportunities to teach “forgiveness!”  Every time your cherub experiences you “forgiving,” it will create a tenderness towards others’ well-being, as well as taking care of one’s own heart!!!!

P ~ PUSH your cherub to talk, draw, or act out his/her feelings about difficult peer, or playmate interactions!!!!

E ~ ENCOURAGE the use of positive, or problem solving language….as opposed to EXPLOSIVE, or negative verbal exchanges!

C ~ COUNT your cherub’s gifts, talents, skills….stay CONSCIOUS in parenting, or educating on the rough days!!!!

T ~ TAKE TIME to celebrate successful interactions!!!

I ~ INITIATE & INVITE other favored adults into ROLE MODELING for your cherub!  As an Educator, invite other Teachers into class to teach specific manners, social play themes, or academic activities to demonstrate collaboration, and “team work.”

V ~ VALUE ideas!!! 


Today….I SAW the GIFT of EMPATHY emerge from a new place in my God-Given Cherub…..the depths of LOVE and PERSPECTIVE taking still have me celebrating in a shimmering pool of tears, filled with thanks-loving!!!!  God KNEW just the perfect GIFT to give me today….I am GRATEFUL!!!!

Now…I hold each of you in my heart…BELIEVING in your MODEL to your AMAZING CHERUBS!!!!  GRACE & PEACE…~DK