Creating "Can-Do" Children!!!!!

January 13, 2014 ~ Greetings to all of my Parenting and Teaching Partners!!! is the third week of our NEW YEAR....isn't it a bit hard to BELIEVE???  Well, if you are like me...I am already forward thinking into February....but if not, I totally get the disbelief that our first month of 2014 is nearly [...]

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January 01, 2014 ~ Hello parenting and educational partners!!!!  I am thinking about all of you...many of you are still on Holiday....and many of you have started a "brand" new school year!!!!  I wanted to share a few heart-thoughts as we begin our journey into 2014!!!!  SOOOO many things have occurred in the lives of [...]

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November 28, 2013 ~ THANKFUL FOR ALL OF YOU!!!! Hello Parenting, and Educational Partners!!!  As we are CELEBRATING THANKSGIVING in the USA....I am deeply struck with overwhelming gratitude for each of YOU!!!  My heart has SOOOO much it wants to say....but at the deepest place the true word is actually, "THANK YOU!" THANK YOU for [...]

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"Never Underestimate the Abilities of your Child/Children" Love, Nicholas' Mom

September 3, 2013 ~ Today one of our MOST precious CHERUBS from Singapore has gone home to be with The LORD!!!! My heart skips a beat....and I dream of him dancing, and shaking his EGG SHAKERS in heaven, completely healed and full of JOY!!!!   In Memory of Nicholas, and in ABSOLUTE CELEBRATION of HIS [...]

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Heart-Thoughts for YOUR Parenting Canvas

August 28, 2013~  A huge heartfelt HELLO to all of you Parenting and Educating Partners!!!!  I have been QUIET for such a long time....well not in person...but for sure on the BLOG!!!!  It does not mean that MANY AMAZING things have not been going on with children and their developmental journeys!!!! Today my heart wants [...]

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Spring Into Action!!!

March 20, 2013~ HAPPY SPRING!!!  This is one of my most favorite times of the year!!!  It is all about NEW beginnings, and reminders of NEW life all around us!!!  As I reflect on Spring time...I think of ALL the NEW ways we can create interactions, and new activities for our children to learn and [...]

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