February 11, 2013~ For all of my families in Singapore….HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!!! As we also get ready to CELEBRATE our day of LOVE...HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!!! I am reminded of HOW THANKFUL I am to each of you for inviting me into your lives!!! WHAT a GREAT week to tell each of you, HOW BLESSED I am, and I truly PRAY for each of you…MY heart holds all of the GREATEST, for each of you as PARENTS…and MOST importantly all the SPECTACULAR, for each of your children!!! They are ABSOLUTE CHERUBS sent to us for more reasons than we can EVER imagine!!!

In truth…isn’t it all about LOVE anyway??? I was reflecting on YOUR amazing work as PARENTS…and I once again found myself SMILING…just knowing that we are all striving to do our HEART’S BEST!!!

Soooooo…..the easy type of LOVE is just that…it is JUST because they are amazing cherubs, and we are so very grateful to have the opportunity to be called as a, MOM, DAD, Grandma, Grandpa, Aunts, and Uncles!!!! The “tougher” LOVE comes when we realize that our cherub has NEEDS….more than we had prepared for, or ever had imagined!!! The SUPER “tough” LOVE comes when our cherubs have grown, and are not making the wisest choices for their highest good…..and the BEYOND imagination tough LOVE, comes when we say GOODBYE to our child too soon!!!! WOW….LOVE in all stages!!! TRULY, to LOVE ANY child is a SUPREME GIFT….given to us as an opportunity to grow, stretch, give back, and let go…..

I was reflecting on BEING a COURAGEOUS PARENT….and I believe I am FAR better equipped than I would have imagined…because of EACH OF YOU!!! God has given me this tremendous call in my life to walk along your side…and within it…the privilege of loving, caring, guiding, mentoring, and watching EACH of you, and your children LEARN, how to DANCE...then FLY!

Soooo during this week of LOVE celebrations….I want you to FEEL the HEARTFELT SQUEEZE….of DEEP GRATITUDE!!!! My God given cherub and I have a favorite song….so we thought we would share it with you!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE…..GOES THAT FAR…”Sidewalk Prophets”03 Love, Love, Love

SENDING LOVE…from a grateful Heart ~ DK