January 13, 2014 ~ Greetings to all of my Parenting and Teaching Partners!!!  WOW…it is the third week of our NEW YEAR….isn’t it a bit hard to BELIEVE???  Well, if you are like me…I am already forward thinking into February….but if not, I totally get the disbelief that our first month of 2014 is nearly half over!!!!  Wherever you land….pull up a comfy chair, sip something refreshing…and take a read!!!  Today we will discover NEW ways to create the “CAN-DO” spirit in our cherubs that will empower them to SOAR!!!!

C ~ Come as you are to the parenting /teaching front lines!!!  Children need to SEE and perceive your investment in EVERY aspect of their lives!!!  Children are NOT looking for the “perfect” parent or teacher….but they are looking for YOU to be present and attentive!!!

A ~ Authenticity is KEY to empowering children of all ages !!  Our cherubs yearn to KNOW us through our positive, and purposeful interactions, that ultimately speak volumes…and teach for life!!!!  Children are looking for parents and teachers to be a part to the whole of their learning journey! They are not looking for us to be, absent, over-directive, or consumed with the way “we” were taught…or perceive they “should” learn, and acquire life skills!

N ~ Never say, “YOU CANNOT, or CAN’T to something your child is trying for the first time, or has been struggling to learn!!!  Use emotionally sensitive language that will build your cherub’s confidence and propel them onward!!!  Supportive sentences like, “Give it a try,” “I am right here with you…I am in this with you, I believe in you!”  Then try adding descriptors such as, “WOW, I can see your strong legs working hard to pedal your bicycle, or I love how your eyes and hands are focusing as you are writing/doing your homework!”  Be creative, but emotionally connected to what your cherub is working on!

– ~ HOLD the pause….try not to “rush” or “disrupt” your child’s process!!!!  Remember, as their “trusted” parents/teachers…we have the relationship, and the keys of “knowing them, and their needs” to EMPOWER!!!!

D ~ Decrease your stress, anxiety, and future expectations, so all your cherub can feel, and perceive is your investment in the “NOW!!!!”

O ~ Offer to help, support, or to sit and cheer/coach onward!!!!  Observe all of the new ways your cherub problem-solves, and creates new pathways for his/her own learning style!  Offer praise… using descriptors of what you have seen your cherub “DO”….not “accomplish.”

Most importantly LOVE THEM for who GOD has CREATED them to BE!!!!!


Matthew 19:26

26 But Jesus looked at them and said to them, “With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

With Lots of Love, and “Can-Do” spirit for each of YOU!!!! ~ DK