February 10, 2014 ~ HAPPY  LOVE & “KINDNESS” Week to all of my parenting, and educational partners….because “LOVE IS KIND!!!!”  Are you are parent, or educator that is focused on teaching, and modeling a life of “intentional kindness?”  Do you take note of, and appreciate intentional kindness given to you?  As we are journeying together to create “Intentional” children….this would be a GREAT week to lean in, ~ pause ~ and learn the POWER of “intentional kindness!”  You might ask….”why lean in….why pause….why learn????”  My heart is here leaning in to share some secrets of intentional kindness, and why we should create it in the lives of our cherubs!!!!!  First off….”why lean?”  Leaning is demonstrative of a willingness to receive….to pause, and admit we have a need…a conscious choice to  open up, and learn!!!!  In a heartbeat it is the intentional act of posturing oneself to LEARN!!!!  So, find a space to pause…and let’s lean in on the process of what it takes to create an intentionally kind child!!!!

As models we must first assess our conscious practices of being Intentionally Kind…….Remember, if we want “kindness” to be authentic, then our own actions must match, or our cherubs will only “imitate,” not actually develop purposeful kindness.

K ~ KEEP the vision for your cherub to be AUTHENTIC in every act of kindness to others!

I ~ Individualize ways your cherub can create opportunities to “give” back to others in their community.  Children LOVE to pass on there “well-loved” toys, or clothing in good condition to a needy child who will treasure it!!!

N ~ NEWNESS….help your child focus on new ways to demonstrate the kindnesses that have been done to them!  Create a story, or chart to help them hold onto their purpose in transferring their gifts to others!!!

D ~ Develop a “KIND” home or classroom!!!  Create rules that will guide the process of “growing kindness from a garden of love!”  Develop “jobs” that support a “kind” living and/or learning environment.  For ex. choose a family member or a student who makes sure everyone sticks together, and has what they need to be there BEST!!!!

N ~ Neutralize the competitive spirit that can arise when creating “intentional acts of kindness!”  This is a critical step, as children desire to be KNOWN for their own ideas!!!!

E ~ Encourage children to discuss the kind ways others have helped them, or have shown kindness in  the midst of a difficult situation.  Take photos of “kind” acts, to capture and save the moments for your cherub to revisit or share with others!  Photos help our children “hold” JOY, and MEANING…which further builds their intentionality!

S ~ Self-Evaluate….keep a journal of your own “Intentional acts of kindness!!!”  This will maintain and increase your authenticity…and will also allow you to see your cherub’s intent GROW!!!!

S ~ STOP…..yourself from criticizing ANY, AND ALL acts of kindness your cherub attempts, or fulfills!!  We must look deeply into the intent of their hearts to measure their authentic, intentional growth!!!!


YOUR CHERUBS ARE WATCHING…..and then ACTING upon what they have seen…..