January 27, 2011 – Every night before I sleep I ask myself this question…”DK did you do all that you could today?” Did I encourage someone, teach, guide, love, share grace, mercy, or lovingly discipline? It is not about being perfect, or having every service possible for your child, it is certainly not about other folks raising your children, or if your child accomplished everything you had in MIND for him/her today….it is not about how much money you make, or where you are at in the professional or social world!! It is just about YOU!! Did you live from your HEART….the centrality of your being…can you look in the mirror and SMILE while you see your child in your eyes growing and developing into exactly WHO they were meant to BE!! I know this is easier said than done, but I want to encourage each reader to RE-THINK what they are doing, and truly get to the DEEPER answer of WHY you are doing it!! So often we have learned how to live, eat, and breathe in “self-preservation” mode, but it is NOT authentic…it is NOT really YOU, it does not feel safe…it is not your HEART!!! It is time for us to LET GO…to hit the ERASE button to all of the old messages sent into our lives that are currently lodged in our hearts. The cherub that you hold is EXACTLY the one designed for you….He/she was designed for the place they are in today!! They came to heal, to bring new life, to lighten our spirits…to MAKE US SMILE!!! The problem lies within the fact we are not sure, and we often question if we know the right things to do for them, or are we enough as a parent…YOUR heart knows the answer…we must put on our night shade, ear phones, and wear a rhino shield to STOP all of the outside noise and influences…Listen to their heartbeat…if you listen closely a new beat, a new rhythm will come forth, and maybe just maybe you and your cherub will dance…and smile, and KNOW that YOU did all that you could and they are the MOST GRATEFUL for having you as a Mom and Dad!!! As I end my week…I KNOW as I listened to the heartbeats of many parents that refreshment is NEEDED….I pray YOU are REFRESHED today!!!–DK