January 16, 2011 – In HONOR of Martin Luther King Jr. day here in the USA, I would love to give some thougths on DREAMING for our “special” cherubs who often have parents who need a DREAM BOOSTER SHOT!!! Just so you KNOW….I get it and understand why encouragment, and extra shots of “dreaming” are necessary. As I re-read “I Have A Dream,” which was spoken on August 28, 1963…I was gripped with how far AMERICA has come on many issues…but my heart was also moved to “loving action” in thinking about how much more around the world we could do for our cherubs with special needs!!! So, some “dream shots;” I think our first injection must be a SUPER high dose of BELIEF, as many children are coming to assessment times, or re-evaluations for service, and as parents we get caught in OTHER’S opinions…well they are JUST that…OPINIONS…YOUR dream can and will sustain you in those times of advocating and standing for everything you KNOW about your cherub and his/her strengths and weaknesses!!! The second injection should be one of LOVE LOVE LOVE….we can often run a little low on our own love tanks in dreaming for our children. Now, you might ask…”Where do I get these injections?” Easy answer…from your own HEART….from those who are close to you, who fight for you, who stand in the gap for you….YOU are a PARENT….you have the ability to activate, inject, and FILL UP!!! If you cannot find this injection, I highly recommend spending some time just “being” with your cherub on his/her own terms…and before you know it you will see life from a pure heart…one of love, trust, and amazing belief in YOU as his/her parent. Children have this incredible way of making DREAMS come true!!! Ok, next on our shot list; you may need some immune defense or simple protection from outside voices, opinion, criticisms, or fear factors that come through other’s misunderstanding of our children and their spectacular purposes here on earth!! We must make a conscious choice to protect our own hearts when it comes to our dreams for our families, as there are always thieves lurking around to STEAL, DISTRACT, and RE-ROUTE our dream journey. So, the last injection is a barrier to stop all intruders….now this could be a lovely person trying to give advice, a new book you thought could help you be a better parent, a new therapy that was highly recommended, etc….BUT unless you stay connected to WHO you KNOW your child to BE, and HOLD tight to the DREAM that was placed in your own heart for that child….YOU are at risk of losing it…and when that happens EVERYONE loses!!! I long to KNOW what purpose your cherub is HERE on earth for…and MY hope is that I get to see some of those in my daily walk with SO MANY parents and their cherubs!!! WE MUST with GREAT FAITH keep our dreams ALIVE and WELL….no better than well…SUPERCHARGED for our children….One day we will answer….WE DID ALL THAT WE COULD….with a BIG HUGE SMILE filled with