September 21, 2012~ Hello Parenting Partners! It seems like forever since I’ve written! My apologies as I’ve been working, and playing with some of my favorite “little” cherubs, and their parents. On a very POSITIVE note, the website has been updated…so I hope you all enjoy, and benefit from the new and improved processing! A BIG THANK YOU to our web designer!

So…are you ready to fly, or soar?? I have been studying the patterns of eagles, as they speak deeply to my heart with regard to our parenting call! Did you know that a Mother eagle MUST teach her young “how” to fly?? How about, the fact that the mom and dad work together, to MOTIVATE the young to reach for their ultimate potential?? Well…if you are interested, I highly recommend reading more about the mighty, strong eagles, as they remind my heart about the courageous hearts of each of you, and your children! You see…eagles BELIEVE from the start that their young will fly…no matter what they see hatch out of the egg, or sit in the nest…they come to a place at about 3 months…and set their minds to TEACH them how to FLY! Now you might be questioning my thought process at this point…but hang in there with me…I BELIEVE ALL of you have the potential to become “eagle style” parents! The mystery all lies within the belief…you see as the Mom begins to make the nest “less comfortable,” the dad begins to STOP bringing the food to the baby, and instead, hovers to “temp” the little one to reach! In the midst of this temptation, the mother uses her mighty wing to push the baby up and out of the nest! YOU SEE…the mother, and father had already been demonstrating flight around the nest for 3 months! The babies had the opportunity to watch and learn, as the parents moved in an intentional way, promoting life! They knew the gift of the young eaglet’s EYE, to pick up the motor plan and sequence of the “steps to flying and soaring.” (Are you having a parenting “ah-ha” moment? We must KNOW our children’s gifts, and strengths) The heart of the mother eagle was created to believe, push, and wait…and if the young eagle does not fly…she dives down at full speed, and tries again! This process can take months! On occasion even when the young has hurt themselves…the parents continue to nurture, nourish, and provide opportunities, until they are strong enough to practice again!! THEY NEVER GIVE UP!

Let’s apply this to our parenting of all children! Because we KNOW that children only do what we do…we must always parent with a mission to SEE them soar! Sometimes we give up, or delay their development because of a belief, or because it is difficult to push and watch them struggle! We must change our process of parenting to enhance the independence, and full achievement of our children. The BEST and easiest way to KNOW when, and HOW to push, is by understanding where your child is at on his/her developmental ladder; then you can focus your parenting energy on their NEXT steps upward! Children are just like the little “eaglets,” they can become too comfortable with what they KNOW you will do for them!!! It is our privilege to parent in upward mobility to create children who soar into their own abilities, gifts, talents, and expertise!

I invite you to join the ranks of “eagle style” parenting! Take a good look at the areas of development that “appear” static, and see if you have promoted a “comfy” place for them to count more on you, than believing in themselves!!! I am THANKFUL to be on this journey with each of you…as a MOM today…I am ready to PUSH for some “much needed” soaring in my own nest! I BELIEVE in each of you and your cherubs…or “EAGLETS” for today!!! ~DK