August 28, 2010 – Just as we need to plug in and ensure a secure connection of our most valued appliance before using, we must also connect deeply to our child before expecting a “smooth” ride on their developmental journey. All children need to know that their parents are for them, and that we will stay in this race no matter what may come along the way. No matter how old a child is, he/she desires to be loved in their purest form. Quite often we must seek and discover our child’s love in the sensory world. Our children are at their purest when they have been offered sensory experiences that meet their deepest need for connection to their world. The best part about this aspect of work/play with our child is that it is ALWAYS good for them, and can be even better for us. It is within these moments that our child comes to KNOW the unconditional love of his/her parent, and the parent comes to KNOW the value of love, acceptance, and the importance of “joining.” When we have “joined” our child’s journey…we’ve successfully captured their hearts, and are on our way to teaching and guiding!!! It is within this deep connection that we will discover where our child is working on his/her developmental road. The “signs” are becoming clearer!!! #1 “Open with GREAT expectancy!!!” –DK