February 1, 2012~ Greetings, as we begin our month of LOVE!!! I am hopeful that many of my parenting partners are journeying, and practicing some of the principles of grace within parenting!!! Today, I want to talk about grace from a “rain” perspective!! Yesterday, as I was traveling around our school chatting, and playing with many of my little friends…something AMAZING happened!!! GRACE RAINED DOWN upon me, and my heart was moved to yet, another level of love, and compassion for children’s developmental journeys. One of our very chatty cherubs came over to me, took a hold of my necklace, which was a heart made from a coconut shell, and said, “Do you like hearts?” Before I could answer…He held my heart, and my face, and said, “I want to RAIN CHOCOLATE hearts all over you…would that MAKE you SO VERY HAPPY?” Oh, as you can imagine, my own heart melted like a chocolate fountain waiting for someone to partake in this immeasurable JOY! I looked into this cherub’s face, and he had already responded by his own luminous smile…”YES! He said…YOU can have ALL the chocolate hearts you NEED!” What power, what strength, what HOPE, what TRUST, and such deep love poured down, from one FULL, little heart to one thirsty heart!!! SO, how did he know?? PURE GRACE…Children come into this world with an unbelievable ability to read, and know people’s hearts…and often as parents in crisis, pain, or confusion…WE miss them…we MISS the cleansing elements of, “grace rain!” For all intensive purposes we have our perceived “valid” reasons, but in truth…if we could ONLY learn to RECEIVE from our cherubs…grace would most assuredly rain. I know how difficult it is to receive, or even think about the possibility when you are dancing within diagnosis, manifestations of symptoms, or behavioral issues that are escalating…BUT…GRACE…it still rains…nothing can stop it! So, you might be asking, “DK, what is your point?” Well, great question…because until we ask some of these more difficult, reflective questions…we will not cross over the bridge of crisis, into life with our cherubs in the land of “the gift.” YES…you got it…the gift is beautifully, pure grace!! WOW, unconditional LOVE as you have never imagined!! Could this really be true? I challenge you today, to go, and enter the dance of, “raining grace,” you will find refreshment, and delight in their heart’s response that you as Mom, or Dad are WILLING! These cherubs…YOUR cherubs are looking for your willing heart…LET grace rain!!! YOU will find a totally different child…it does not matter where they came from, where they are going, or what is going on in this moment for them…what matters MOST is YOU…they desire to give BACK to you…RECEIVE…the rain is here….it is “your,” perfectly tempered shower of grace!!! ENJOY, as we focus on the centrality of the heart!!! My grace and peace to you~DanaKae