January 01, 2014 ~ Hello parenting and educational partners!!!!  I am thinking about all of you…many of you are still on Holiday….and many of you have started a “brand” new school year!!!!  I wanted to share a few heart-thoughts as we begin our journey into 2014!!!!  SOOOO many things have occurred in the lives of children, and families this past year!!!!  We have all grown as parents and educators…seeing our children in NEW, and exciting ways….discovering gifts, and talents that have opened channels of learning and growth!!!  We also said, “good bye” to one of our cherished cherubs, Nicholas…as he is now dancing and playing in heaven!!!!  Nicholas taught us all to LOVE more deeply…and to cherish each, and every moment we have in the life of a child!!!!  I STOP here a moment….and THANK…Nick’s parents, brother, and GOD for allowing me to be a part of his life!!!!!  YOU ARE CHERISHED!!!

As I exhale….love is pouring out from my heart to each of yours….thinking about all the NEW adventures we will go on this year as we parent and educate each uniquely designed child in our lives!!!  It is time to SEE differently….look for new inroads into our cherubs that will help them excel to their GREATEST giving place!!!  We must EXPECT some dysregulation as Holidays come to a close, children start new schools, and/or return to take on the new challenges of the next season of learning!!!  This is a time to PUT YOUR LISTENING, AND LOVING EARS ON mom and dad…teachers and mentors….we must be ready to HEAR their new fears, loves, anxieties, celebrations, and accomplishments!  We must SEE them with our CLEAR vision…as our cherubs come with multi-sensory, and multi-faceted packaging that challenge their learning and socializing!!!  This is our BIG moment to better understand their NEEDS….what exactly will propel them forward so there is NO POSSIBILITY of falling backwards into old patterns of behavior, that cry out for sameness due to fears of the unknown!!!! WE MUST FALL FORWARD!!!! We get to prepare for THEIR BEST….SHINY new stepping stones…in order to get them across their learning bridges successfully…according to HOW THEY ARE MADE!!!  NO room for cookie cutters, or fancy boxes….we must forge the path ahead so they can SHOW us their AMAZING abilities!!!  Sooooo…how do we do this?????  GREAT QUESTION……Here are a few heart ideas…..I trust YOU will have many GREAT ones too…as you are your cherub’s parenting expert!!!!

~Cast your fears and anxieties of the future on our Sovereign God who is right here to take all of them!!!

~TRUST your heart for your cherub….

~Be willing to take courageous steps….to PUSH your cherub UP his/her developmental ladder…KNOWING his/her NEED!!!!

~Purify their diet….check in, and make sure your cherub’s nutrition is balanced and free of foods that can cause dysregulation, reduced processing, and/or behavioral manifestations.

~Make sure your cherub is getting his/her sensory needs met in a methodical, and systematic format daily!!!  Remember it is important to join your cherub in his/her sensory activities….great time for connecting, and heart bonding!

~COMMUNICATE!!!!  Talk with your cherub’s Teachers, therapists, mentors….Be open with all of the NEW developments you have seen in the life of your cherub!!! SHARE the strategies that work the BEST for your cherub’s WHOLE development!!!

~LISTEN Deeply….hear the heart beat of your cherub, and those talented folks who work in partnership with you to educate him/her!

~ALWAYS make time for FUN, LAUGHTER, and your cherub’s FAVORITE activities!!!!

~Let go of the need to always TEACH….ENJOY your cherub!!!  They learn the most through your affective engagement with them!  As a God given Mom to an amazing 15yr. old…I can tell you I see the MOST growth coming out of all of the years of AFFECTIVE INTERACTIONS, and TONS OF FUN we have had together!!!! Go figure…I am a Home School Mom too!!!!  Makes me BELLY LAUGH!!!!  I truly love God’s sense of humor…it is all about LOVE, and KNOWING what our cherubs love….then join in, and SEE the FRUIT!!!!

~Be Devoted, Determined, and Disciplined with INTENTIONAL and PURPOSEFUL interactions daily with your cherub!!!!

~Remember YOU are of the MOST important people in his/her life!!!!


I pray each of you have a year filled with, GRATITUDE, LOVING, and INTERACTIONS filled with PASSIONATE PLAY, AND PURPOSE for Life Long Learning!!!


With GRATITUDE that runs in the deep waters of my heart for each of you…..~DanaKae