June 26, 2011 – Great Sunday to all of my parenting partners!!! I first want to say THANK YOU to all of my families in Singapore and Malaysia…our time together was SPECTACULAR…and I am so grateful to add more of you and your children to my heart life!! I hope that each of you can keep up the heartwork…as it can often be a bit of “hardwork.” Remember to reach out to a fellow parenting partner or through e-mail…I am here to listen and help in any way I can!! Now, to my families here at home…I am SO happy to be back, and LOOK forward to working and playing with you and your children this summer!! As always, I am grateful for your faithful support of my work here and around the world!! Now…to my golden nugget for today!! Have you ever contemplated a “soul hole??” Well, recently I’ve been undergoing another level of transformation while wearing my multi-faceted hats. My current process is both personal and professional, so I will offer the piece that might just speak to your own heart’s process!! I’ve discovered some new “holes” that are driving my intention to not only heal, but release the other gifts that I’ve been given. Sometimes in the midst of parenting any child…we get caught up in their current development/lack thereof, current medical, emotional, or academic issues..and ultimately find ourselves in a place of paralyzation, or frantic movement without complete thoughts on what it is doing to us as an individual, or collectively as a family!! If this is not YOU…please celebrate, but read onward, just in case there is something else hiding within the experience!! SO, I’ve found that “soul holes” can be covered to resemble a complete life on the outside…but inside the tears are salty, with such big drops one can hear them in the echoes of the body. I never had the full realization of the “act” of covering, but it exists…and is now by conscious choice coming to a screaching HALT!!! The holes have VERY familiar names to us as parents…such as expectations, disappointment, sadness, unfullfilled dreams, worry, fear, and I am sure a multitude of others…Your language…your holes!! My language…my holes!! BUT, they all have one thing in common, the gaping openness that causes a parent to act in ways they never dreamed were possible. My heart’s prescription may not be the same as yours, but maybe it will stimulate you to find one that will create loving change so your “soul holes” can heal. For me, it is a journey of discovering the secret purpose that has ever so lovingly been framed, before I ever entered this call as “Mom.” As I lend my heart to the Master Artist, I can see that all too often I’ve grabbed the brush or paint palette, and have gone to work before the “time was ordained.” So, I’ve become MORE of a seeker than ever…slowing down, LETTING GO, and trusting God for my own life as well as my precious child’s life!! I have re-comitted my heart to a LIFE of GRATITUDE…and am choosing NOT to engage in the negatives…to see things for what they are in the moment for ME, for my child, and for my family!!! Turning from outside influences and allowing God to inform, and reform my heart to heal, and guide me to my next level parenting call!!! OK…are you wondering if I am a bit nervous?? Well, I do know from all of my privileged work with so many of you, and your cherubs that it is a RISK…and I recently sunk a quote for life down into my heart…”Hope waits on the other side of the struggle, when a family takes a risk to remain in a loving realtionship…” I’ve known HOPE…but am choosing to have a new, deeper, experience with it!! You know what I’ve discovered…ABOUNDING GRACE and JOY!!!! Oh…this is my deep hope for each of you…it is fun to get into gear and TRANSFORM as parents…we have SO much to be thankful for… On that note, I send you buckets full of gratitude, and pools full of HOPE!!! You are a parent…a cherished position at any stage in life!!! Praying for each of you…sending lots of love and healing!!! Taking the next leap….Letting GOOOOOOOOOOOOO!–DK