August 28, 2013~  A huge heartfelt HELLO to all of you Parenting and Educating Partners!!!!  I have been QUIET for such a long time….well not in person…but for sure on the BLOG!!!!  It does not mean that MANY AMAZING things have not been going on with children and their developmental journeys!!!!

Today my heart wants to CELEBRATE the parenting paint palette that we get to CHOOSE, when we decide we would like to “paint outside the lines.”( This is the title of one of my favorite songs….which I will include at the end!)  But, for now….let’s chat about the process as parents of ALL different types of cherubs!!!

Many of us remember, or are currently in the process of trying to get our children to “color within the lines!”  For many of us it was part of some developmental testing process, or requirement to move on to the next level.  Today let’s chat about this concept  differently……When we think about “staying in the lines,” it is usually for conformity, or a form of rigidity that supposedly assures that your child has fine-motor control….for those of us with older children it could also point to following rules or protocols for life!  OK…let’s activate our hearts and give NEW life to going outside the lines….More often than not, our cherubs do not learn in “conventional” ways…therefore their demonstrations of acquired knowledge may not perfectly fit in a well recognized box of “IQ.”  I learned over the MANY years of playing with children around the world…that this is never the case! Their COGNITIVE processes go “POP” when they are in relationship to the person teaching, and to the material to be learned!  The problem actually lies within the LINES…not giving a child a choice, a safe relationship, or engaging environment to demonstrate their hard work, and knowledge gathering of childhood and life!  It is important to practice old and newly emerging skills in natural ways daily, with connected and affective play partners, parents, and educators!  Our children need to have a variety of opportunities to “show” what they know through any, and all activities they choose to engage in.  A critical component is to keep their world interesting and stimulating, introducing new materials, toys, ideas, and emotional dramas to assist in their overall generalization.  This is a great season to celebrate and acknowledge OLD skills….while accelerating NEW learning objectives through literacy, movement, language, sensory, and academic connections through drama, art, and music.  You will discover areas of development that may had been previously undetected as “Known!”

As parents and educators learn to “accept” the painting/coloring and living outside the lines…the child of any age will be more willing to come into the lines in the more difficult areas of development!  This is where we become the most “effective” EQ (emotional quotient) builders!  Remember: Children DO WHAT WE DO….so as YOU move with confidence and great, affective connection….your child will FOLLOW!!!

As my God given CHERUB was recently sharing….”Mom if your canvas was blank today…would you still be able to THANK GOD????”  “If He painted a brown line (a personal trial) would you still be thankful?”  “If God were only to paint all the things you THANKED Him for…would your canvas be covered in colors or would it be sparse or blank?”  As I sat and pondered…I THANKED her…and HIM for breathing so much LOVE into my heart and life!!!!  I am soooo grateful that GOD chose to teach me to “PAINT/Color OUTSIDE THE LINES!”

I hope you are encouraged….get out a big piece of paper or canvas….begin a NEW picture/vision for your child…as you JOIN your cherub creating a life that has infinite LOVE because you helped him/her paint INSIDE and OUTSIDE the lines of their life!  ~Thinking about ALL of our NEW colors!  ~DanaKae

11 Outside the Lines  Please enjoy this little song from Hawk Nelson!