March 07, 2011 – Recently, I was reflecting on what if today I knew it was going to be my last day here on earth? What would I want to do with my cherub, or any cherub I was going to influence that very last day!! What would I do for a parent or say to one of my own family members?? Oh…the “what ifs??” Well…I pondered this thought in my heart…and came to the conclusion that I would LOVE as LOUDLY as I could…I would count every last beat and tell my cherub to ALWAYS BELIEVE…and to never be afraid to STAND UP for what she KNOWS is right….TO love beyond measure and KNOW that GOD is for her!!! I would act out some silly drama, and ride the biggest and fastest roller coaster with her!!! I would grab a hold of parents who are struggling…hold them tight and do everything to impart COURAGE, BOLDNESS, and authentic love for their cherub. I would remove their fear of parenting through the HARD times…that their cherubs will ONE day KNOW the truth of all of the discipline, zainy times, boundaries, and pure fun-filled days!! I would tell my family and friends similar messages…but most of all STAY FAITHFUL to what YOU BELIEVE!!!! That I will carry each of you in my heart, and that I will never STOP believing in your abilities as family, friends, cherubs, and parenting partners!!!!!! You may be wondering, “WHY did she reflect on this question????” Well, the true HEART answer is that it is my dream to live this way EVERYDAY….I strive to live and love out loud….with courage and strength to help others through their long days!!! I really do get it…I get that the HeartWork isn’t easy…I understand that you may sometimes feel like you cannot take one more step or clean up one more mess, or say, “no, don’t, or stop….one more time!!! You may not feel like doing one more minute of therapy, or surviving one more doctor’s appointment….BUT…the answer lies within your heart….it is that LOVE beating so strongly that you will do WHATEVER it takes to help your cherub BE all he/she was created to BE!!! YOU are the amazing workers of the HEART…..Stay with me….we will beat together as we give our cherubs wings to SOAR!!!!! One heart beat at a time…..LOVE…. –DK