HeartworksTV® was created in the middle of March 2020 as a response to the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent “stay at home” state orders. DanaKae and the Heartworks Intervention® team diligently and methodically developed the HeartworksTV® platform overnight in order to educate children directly in their homes. With the advent of this innovative platform, the Heartworks In Motion® curriculum has been made available online to children receiving the service worldwide, and materials are delivered that correspond with the various curriculum activities. In addition to being emotionally and cognitively connected, the activities in HeartworksTV® are designed to meet and exceed the California State Standards for kindergarten, and they are uniquely crafted to be “taken up the ladder”® to educate all grade school aged children.

HeartworksTV® comprises all original educational content that is uniquely designed to teach the HEAD, HEART, and HANDS of parents and professionals how to stay engaged, and activate ALL children up their developmental ladder!