June 5, 2011 – Hello fellow Parenting Partners!!! I was up very early this morning watching a storm brew outside my window here in Singapore!!! Oh…I was just so hopeful, as I watched the morning dawn and the skies grow darker and darker….I was “morning dreaming,” about how much I’ve found myself growing over the years in the midst of many storms. I’ve been enjoying so many FULL days with children and their families, loving them, and being so grateful as we work together to enhance, intervene, accept and overcome developmental challenges!!! As I am journeying I am learning more and more about the aspects of Moms and Dads as partners in their children’s stories…how so many times we really do not adjust our own heart attitudes while raising these cherubs!!! I often find myself in the “eye of the storm,” feeling responsible for not only my own daughter but for other’s children…Well my journey has come to a NEW place…CRACK, BANG, BOOM…as the thunder begins to sound out it’s heart’s cry for rain upon a hot land…or for me a weary heart…As I sit and pray and read…I see and hear a refreshing idea…”Hope waits on the other side of any struggle when you and your (fill in the blank) risk facing it together in a loving relationship!” WOW…like a cup of cool water being poured right into my thirsty heart…HOPE WAITS… So, I am not sure where you are at today…but I NEED HOPE…I desire to STAY in the place of “loving hope,” for all we and our children are created to be and become!!! For me…it means raising my own ADULT developmental bar..and choosing to love and trust each of you for your loving journey with your child. It means…digging deeper..swimming within the deep waters of my own soul to search and rescue those hopes that have been “lost” for awhile. I now turn my thougths to many of you…moms and dads…that are struggling with and for your cherubs…doing all that you can to “usher” in their story…I offer up incredible gratitude for each of you…I pray a blessing upon you that NO MATTER what, you will stay in that hope-filled space…and if you need a “swimming or digging” partner I am here…to encourage and cheer you onward!! Once again…as the rain POURS down…I am reminded of ALL the ways your children have enhanced my own life…and most of all today…how much my own journey as a mom with our cherub’s dad has made my life WHOLE and complete….in the midst of my storms!!! Sending you refreshing encouragement…Drink freely…and HOPE Deeply!!! –DK