April 13, 2011 – Today I experienced a parent/child reversal, which has not only MADE my DAY, but has truly logged deeply into my heart 4-ever!! In the midst of getting prepared for travel, seeing all of my treasured parents for last minute check-ins, and continuing our journey in home schooling…TODAY I was the Easter Bunny for lots of CHERUBS at school. So, you may be wondering…”What is the big deal in this story….what can I get out of reading this?” Open you heart, take a deep breath and read on…..You see, I’ve dressed up in full costume since my cherub was a newborn!! We have pictures every year of me in cosutme holding her, and her LOVING the bunny, hugging and kissing the bunny, dragging the bunny by hand all over to hunt eggs, and crying for the bunny to come back!!! As she aged, she would see me dressing up for children all over…even going to the Hospital to see a student, and ending up hopping around the children’s ward!! Well, as soon as she was tall enough, she started being the bunny, and for the past couple of years…she is MY new favorite BUNNY!! As we faced today…I was truly over burdened by all of my appointments, and decided to have a conversation about her being the BUNNY for ALL the children at school…well…this did not go as I expected…I figured she would JUMP at the chance, but instead…she began to share HOW much she enjoys watching me be the bunny, and how she likes to be my guide!! Ah-HA…my heart engaged, and I listened deeply….in a shining moment…I saw that little girl in her sooooo desiring to HUG her “mama bunny!” I was immediately flooded with the purity and graciousness of her heart toward me!! As I suited up, she assisted, and while I was hoppping, dancing, and high-fiving the cherubs…my delightful one was at my side!! All of a sudden I feel this BIG kiss come over my “plastic” head…and again…I KNEW deeply her LOVE for the “mama bunny.” Our cherubs KNOW what we need just when we need it!! They move from their hearts and activate when we are in need of encouragement…BUT here is the QUESTION??? DO you allow your cherub to speak life, liberty, and new hope into your life?? Do you even believe that he/she is capable??? Truly, we spend so much time speaking into theirs, that we FORGET that it is a 2 way relationship, and they need to KNOW what they can do for us too!! We are the MODELS for reciprocity!! We are the ultimate social, emotional, and life role model for ALL interactive relationships!! DO you KNOW this passionately?? YOU are the KEY to assisting the social bridging that we often give to a therapist to do, or a play date to somehow create….but we are missing the HEART MARK….TODAY I got it!!! I was SO thankful to my cherub for pushing me forward…because what I received not only from her, but the other cherubs is PRICELESS!!! As I watched the afternoon whisk away into the fun and laughter of my cherub blessing other cherubs with her bunny ways…I stood and SMILED…entered the room and HUGGED that BABY BUNNY like NEVER BEFORE (well in her costume anyway) NEVER underestimate the POWER of your cherub’s heart and their ability to pour love and healing into YOU!! SENDING refreshed BELIEF to All who need to be refreshed!! I BELIEVE IN YOU as your cherub’s PARENTS!!!–DK