January 15, 2012…OH NO!!! I can even hear some of my parenting partners as I type…DK please do not talk about GRACE…I don’t feel it, I cannot perceive it, I do not even know the definition, and now you are asking me to SEE IT??? The answer is YES!!! Isn’t it better to travel with a faithful warrior on this journey??? Well, to make progress we must activate our VISION…we MUST SEE the GRACE in our lives, in our cherubs no matter what!!! Now, I think part of the problem is that we understand GRACE to be something perfect, serene, or out of our reach…BUT this is not the truth, and if we are going to become CONSCIOUS PARENTS…we must face these truths with none other than…GRACE! Most of us experience grace as we are driving to numerous Doctors, Specialists, and Therapists for a bit of hope, for an answer to part of our question. As you are passing a snack, playing specific movies, or music just to keep peace in the car so you actually get to the appointment, GRACE COMES…we see our cherub smile, laugh with reckless abandon as the movie begins, or we find ourselves so grateful to see food all over our cherub’s face…the face that used to not eat!!! We smile, whisper a thank you, or join in the laughter of celebrating life in progress!! Can you join me yet??? Ok, how about when we are falling all over the place from sheer exhaustion as we have become DOERS…and there is NO REST as our cherub is hanging by his/her developmental rung on their ladder…WELL…here comes GRACE…somehow you pick yourself up, and you finish each day in more love with your child than you had ever imagined possible!!! Someone passes you a COOL cup of water, and tells you what a GREAT parent you are…and you smile…and you see your child STRIVING, working, playing so hard to BE…and GRACE pours over you…FOR YOU MY FELLOW PARENT are doing what you have been called to do!!! You breathe…and then it is a new day…bounding energy wakes you to play, or like me waking up my teen from the DEEPEST sleep ever in her life…singing her into engagement because I only want to give her grace, for her to know that I can SEE…her need, understand it, and MEET it!!! GRACE FLOWS…from the deepest place when we SEE!!! Parents are visionaries…think about it for a moment…did you EVER think you would KNOW this much about specific diagnoses, educational needs, sensory processing issues, social/emotional work/play, language acquisition????? Well, probably NOT…but now you do, and YOU have so much to pass on…so much to offer out to others NEW to this journey!!! AH-HA…YOU have grace yourselves to give back!!! My heart…to always BE a GRACE-GIVER!!! I SEE it in so many of you…YOUR faces, YOUR hearts, YOUR responses, YOUR interactions with your cherubs!!! For those of you I cannot SEE…I trust that as you journey…you too are able to persist in the amazing pursuit of this GRACE RACE!!! YOU are in the RACE…let’s FINISH IT WELL!!! YOUR CHERUBS are counting on YOU!!! Giving Grace right back to you…~DK