February 28, 2011 – If developmental science is correct, and children only do what we expect them to do…then it is time to reflect on what we truly BELIEVE for our cherubs!!! Over the past few days, I’ve been reflecting on the idea of belief and what it means to not only believe in word…but to believe in deed. I find in my own parenting circle many hearts that are wounded, disappointed, frightened, or simply confused by all the twists and turns our cherub’s development can take. As I did some of my own soul searching I came to a striking discovery that if we do not begin to live our BELIEF in our children today….tomorrow may truly be too late. Our cherubs are looking for connection, a place to trust their heart, their little lives, a place to feel free to struggle, and overcome, to BECOME who and what they were created to be! But in truth, it may not BE what we thought it was going to be…If we say we want the “best” for our child, then we must let the BEST be what it is, not what we try to make it or hope to one day achieve. If we say we want our children to “be happy,” then we must accept and cherish the types of things that make their young hearts smile, and mold and shape those things or activities for their utmost development. Sometimes we get worried that they might love “Thomas the Tank Engine” too much, but when one looks deeper, you could find that “Thomas” was a first friend, or he made the child feel powerful, safe, joyful…..maybe your child loves super friends, cars, balls, animation, or going out to amusement parks, zoos, farms etc…Well we must believe that our cherubs are getting nourished developmentally and as parents we can choose to enhance these areas and use them for the greatest good. But see…it comes down to our adult belief…do we really believe these things are beneficial? I do BELIEVE!!! I’ve seen many children over the years come to life and soar into WHO they were created to be because of the BELIEF of a parent!! For those parents that are struggling with igniting their belief into action…today I send you love and encouragement for they are only little cherubs ONCE….these are the days to BELIEVE in word and DEED!!! Believing with you…. –DK