October 5, 2014 ~  Hello Parenting, and Teaching Partners!!!!  I am sure MANY of you have reflected at one time or another on the “legacy” you are leaving for your own children, or the children you are passionately teaching and guiding…..Today, I want to share with you about “not” just leaving a legacy….but actually leaving HeartPrints upon your cherub’s life!!!  But first….I must introduce you to our Senior Pastor of Calvary Chapel South Bay….Steve Mays!!!

Pastor Steve has left a MULTITUDE of HeartPrints upon my life over the past 12 years!!!  He has been a mentor to ALL that God has called me to do…without ever KNOWING it personally!!!  He gave tirelessly to the flock that he was called to Shepherd for over 33 years….and I being one of those sheep in a flock of thousands…have been IMPACTED for LIFE!!!!  He was a man of GOD who BELIEVED and TAUGHT God’s word week by week…always trusting God to water, and nurture the seeds for our maximum growth!!!  HE NEVER GAVE UP ON US!!!!  Instead, with a passionate heart, vast knowledge of God’s word, great humor, love for prayer, and a deep love for people…he taught…he mentored…he believed in each of us….!!!!  HE LEFT HEARTPRINTS…..without ever knowing ALL that he had done to transform my own life for God’s greatness!  I am eternally GRATEFUL to God for Pastor Steve….!!!  With Great Happiness for Pastor Steve….and Deep sadness for us….He went home to be with The Lord on Oct. 2, 2014!!!!  Pastor Steve will be MISSED….HE IS AND WAS DEEPLY LOVED!!!!!  But….his HeartPrints that were left on my life will carry on!!!!

As we were leaving Church last night….just holding the HEARTS of his Wife, Family and of soooo many on the Ministry staff….our ride home was filled with God’s Peace…

As we pulled into our drive way…a picture came through on my phone…from MY GREATEST HEARTPRINT God-Given daughter….she had created this picture of Pastor Steve to leave a GINORMOUS heartprint on my heart!!!  She knew exactly what I NEEDED….

HeartPrints are that way….they come in many shapes and sizes….and they arrive just in the NICK OF TIME!!!!

HeartPrints can be very subtle, or extremely obvious…but one thing for sure…they are prints that change, transform, and “mark” us….encouraging each of us to PRESS ONWARD….to stay focused on our CALL as a Parent…a Teacher…or any hat you may wear!  The miraculous element of HeartPrints is that they create more that just a legacy…they create JOY….and JOY is a character trait that we are able to HOLD ONTO…and retrieve in times of sadness, crisis, illness, and a multitude of life situations.  Have you ever thought about how many honoring, or exhorting words you speak to your cherub every day???  I recommend setting a goal…and keeping a journal of your HeartPrint “deposits”….Before you know it….your account will be filled with JOY…and a deep legacy of seeded character, mentoring, guiding, loving, and most importantly an authentic life living from your heart.  Remember; CHILDREN DO WHAT YOU DO…..So…follow the HEARTPRINT ROAD….and watch your cherubs grow, and develop in ways you may have never imagined!!!!

I look forward to walking, running, skipping, holding your hand, and your heart along the  HEARTPRINT road you are called to!!!! ~With Deep Gratitude~DK