December 31, 2012~ Hello Friends of Heartworks!!! I am SO VERY THANKFUL for all of you as parenting partners, friends, professionals, and family!!! My deepest GRATITUDE to ALL of you who love, support, and encourage God’s work for children, and their families!!!!

So, as we close 2012…my heart wanted to encourage each of you to ALLOW your child’s light to illuminate your darkness, as children come with such intense purity…they can point the way to truth in every situation!!! Most recently while I was in Singapore, I had the PRIVILEGE of playing in an indoor play scape with a group of young children!! (One of my FAVORITE activities!!!) This play scape was amazing as it is brightly colored…with numerous slides, obstacles, and challenging climbing for (us adults). One of my little friends, who holds a special place in my heart…wanted me to join him on the VERY DARK…twisty slide (which seems to never end in my mind)!!! He begged and pleaded with me…but I kept telling him it was TOO dark for me…but in my own truth…I was UNSURE of how I would feel on this slide, in the dark, twisting, not being in control of how I would get to the bottom, and feeling fearful…SO I PAUSED…I took advantage of the 1/4 second lag we were created with to THINK my way through HIS heart’s cry for me to FOLLOW HIM…..(OK, let me tell you I abused the 1/4 second…and made it 20 minutes) I realized…OH, this is how many of our children feel and perceive us as we are intervening in their lives to help them developmentally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically. They “battle” us in their counter will, as if we are trying to harm them…they refuse to participate, or try in therapy sessions, classrooms, dyadic interactions…they gesture, scream, go silent…or rebuff with negativity that cuts to our deepest heartstrings….but THEN….I saw the LIGHT…this is ME…as a parent, a wife, a friend, a daughter, an aunt, a sister, a developmental specialist….any hat I wear or have worn….I FEAR, and have FEARED the dark places….the unknowns…ANY of you feel this way????

Well, back to the play scape….the minutes had passed like seconds…when all of a sudden, the little cherub appeared again…”LOOK DanaKae, I have a torch (flashlight) to LIGHT the way for you to come down the slide WITH ME!!!!” (key words…”with me”) WOW…could a YOUNG child truly KNOW the way in the dark??? ABSOLUTELY….in a flat second…I was on the slide…giving way to my fear…which by now I had reminded my self of a pivotal teaching in my life….F.E.A.R. = False Evidence Appearing Real! INDEED…this young boy ILLUMINATED the path…and when I got to the bottom he was SHINING the LIGHT on the OPENING so I could have a “safe landing,” YES…he even waited for me…..In TRUTH…HE BELIEVED in the help he had provided for me…HE ultimately BELIEVED in ME…HIS light shone through this little guy to LIGHT my path…to encourage me to persevere…even when I am unsure of the dark, twists and turns of this life here on earth!! ANOTHER GREAT LESSON LEARNED from a CHILD!!!! I encourage you to allow your child’s LIGHT to illuminate the path…they come with so much wisdom and healing!!!! I take this moment and THANK GOD for each of them!!!!

SO, on the EVE of our NEW year….I want to THANK this YOUNG BOY, his parents,….and ALL of you who have allowed me to be a PART to the WHOLE of your child’s life, as well as your parenting journey!!! My life is continuously transformed by your children’s LIGHTS that they shine into my heart FOREVER!!!! I pray your journey as parents, ILLUMINATES with GREAT, SPARKLY lights…as you persevere to create, and develop the highest good for your own cherubs!!!

A VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU to the cherub GOD blessed me with too!!! Mia, you “GLOW GIRL!!!” LOVE YOU More than you will ever know….

God’s BEST to ALL of you in 2013!!!!

Love from my heart of deepest gratitude…LET THEIR LIGHTS SHINE!!! ~ DK