January 11, 2011 – Can you hear the freedom bells ringing? Do you feel the heartbeat of a new year of HOPE?? Well, if you’ve been “loving out-loud” you are well on your way to a new day of freedom. If you have not quite joined the journey of loving out-loud, KNOW that it is never too late to embark on this lively, yet love filled adventure. Many folks are busy this time of year making “resolutions” that are often unattainable goals, so in the spirit of “freedom” within development I would like to propose some NEW, fresh, and forward thinking thoughts for your uniquely designed cherub. Are you ready for some freedom in parenting?? The first step begins with facing our fears of where we might have become over-protective, a bit coddling, or permissive in moments of perceived “stalled out” development. Next we must turn and face those giants in our land and reclaim our child’s monumental developmental process. Does this sound too scary….to difficult??? Well…this is your NEW DAY….as you conquer those fears…those giants…you are on the first step to setting your child free. On that “step” you will begin to see the road blocks, the hinderings, the negative patterns turn to a positive force that sets development back on course!!! The final step is that great moment of communicating to your child in his/her best form, that it is a NEW day and you are here to set them free. Children must SEE you move forward in your belief, as they only DO what you DO, NOT what you say!!! So when we as parents move in a positive, upward focused manner, our children understand our expectations and they mobilize their development. So, if your child is working on writing…get your mulit-media tools and get creative with letters, numbers, pictures, and stories, or if your child is working on speech, get your microphones, music, dancing shoes, high preferenced toys and let the chat-dance begin!!! Now, if you are working on social engagement it is time to begin “Play dates with a Purpose!” Do you hear your freedom bells NOW???? Remember, children are the MOST FREE when WE BELIEVE!!! –DK