August 2, 2011 – Well, what a GREAT topic…INTENT??? Many of you may know I’ve been Teaching in our youngest group of Learners this summer, and am having many new and re-visiting illuminations of my own heart!!! As I teach, love, and guide folks to always look at the INTENT of their child, their communication, behavior, and their own intent as a parent or professional, I ‘ve found myself SO incredibly grateful!!! You might say, “For what DanaKae?” Please allow my to share…Intent is known as something so deep, often too deep for other’s to discern, yet it is our driving force for so many of our choices and decisions. As I am privileged to lead this young group, I find myself questioning my own intent constantly…I am working at reflecting on such a deeper level as I know that I will find their HEARTS…what they truly love and desire to learn, overcome, conquer, and BE KNOWN FOR!!! Yes, it is back to that topic…those little cherubs came to be KNOWN…oh how I see their intentionality, as I move, breathe, play, work, and guide them up their developmental ladders. I am currently serving with two other adults that are journeying alongside me…wanting to know, see, and discern how to use these cherub’s intent for their highest good!! What a joy it is to ask each other what we “see, what we perceive, to be their intent?” We must remember that children came with incredible intentionality…they want to be all they can be, but this only happens when “we” adults in their lives create an environment for them to discover, struggle, succeed, and flourish. It is often in their struggles that you can discern “who they are, what they are made of,” we can see their heart’s intent to figure things out, to be a part of their community to their greatest ability. So…what is so new?? The newest aspect for me is the piece of watching intent burst in, through, and over my heart…like magical rainbows exploding in the sky after a fierce storm. I see children dancing with such intentionality, that it is challenging us adults to go deeper, live more freely, and trust their hearts!! I celebrate their “gift” of Intent today…I encourage each of you to look closely, look deeply, even within the disappointment of your child’s words, cry, sobs, tantrums….look at their JOY, seek their deepest intent…join their sometimes zainy ways of having fun…dig dig dig…you will find meaningful intentionality!! I almost missed one today…when all of a sudden I felt his little hands on my face…immediately I knew his intent…”Look at me DanaKae…you missed me for a moment!” Oh…I am beyond grateful for all of your cherub’s in my life…if only I had enough time to just “be” with each of them for longer periods of time…I know I would GROW even more!!! But, they are YOURS…check out their Intent…and find a deep place to join them in an intentional heartplay!! Overflowing with GRATITUDE… –DK