January 2, 2012…HAPPY, SUPER BLESSED NEW YEAR TO ALL of YOU!!!! It has been quite awhile since I have written to you as my faithful parenting partners, but you KNOW I carry you in my heart, as I continue on this JOURNEY with you in SPIRIT!!! I am sure many of you are “re-framing your goals” for 2012, and my HOPE to share with you today is, DO NOT FORGET THE MOST IMPORTANT INGREDIENT….GRACE!! Many of us, have had some less than favorable reflections on our parenting in 2011, BUT no worries…as U-Turns are available today!!! I was studying the principles of GRACE in our parenting, and focusing in on how much we need if we are going to be the conduits for our children’s individual GREATNESS!!! As I looked into these principles..the first that popped for me were those of, “DO WE KNOW WHAT OUR CHILDREN NEED???” YES, isn’t this refreshing for your heart in this moment?? All the things we’ve spent time on are among the FIRST as we parent with grace!!! So, for those of you that are in the GAME…GOOD FOR YOU, and for those of you just tuning in…no worries in the least…this is for ALL parents…at any stage in your parenting journey!! So, once we’ve examined their individual needs…we need to sift them back through the “self-focused sifter” to ensure these are truly their needs NOT our own as their parents. OUCH…I know…I get it…but it is a a life of transformation when we engage as conscious parents from the heart. Ok…when you have it sifted..it is time to move onward, to the question of, “HOW will me meet their needs, and drive them up their developmental ladders toward greatness?” This can become a bit tricky, as we can “war” within ourselves about how much time to spend doing the things they LOVE! Try not to focus on TIME, as you know it needs to BE your BEST friend…but try to focus in on the relationship between you, and your child and what he/she LOVES!! Look at it from the perspective, “Am I dong this out of obligation as a parent, or am I TOTALLY invested in SEEING why my child LOVES this so much?” It is there that you will find your ANSWERS!!! You will see through eyes of grace, as no matter what you do in those moments you ONLY see your child at his/her HAPPIEST!!! They gaze at you in disbelief, that YOU would truly JOIN in with a reckless abandonment that speaks true grace for their quirks, inabilities, disabilities, learning, perceiving, processing, and social differences…Whatever your cherub is struggling with today, VANISHES in the relationship of grace!!! With your new EYES you will be better equipped to HOLD the higher vision for them, which will cause their EQ (emotional quotient) to drive their IQs upward! You see, within this very first principle your biggest key is discovered, and fully ready to be possessed. When we the take time to KNOW each others need, and determine to meet and exceed it for higher purposes…it is there where grace abounds! OUR CHERUBS know this principle, and truth in the depths of their hearts…it is us as parents that need to reflect, refresh, and renew our passion and vision for their lives! So, as we begin a NEW year…I encourage you to focus on this first principle, and EXPECT miracles, expect progress, and ENJOY your cherub in RICH relationship that they were designed to be in with YOU!!! Joining the GRACE TRAIN with each of you….ALL ABOARD…Lets GO..we are on this journey for their GREATNESS!!!! ~As I reflect on all that I am thankful for…I THANK God for being a part of your lives and parenting journey!!!~ With a heart full of grace, DanaKae