February 3, 2014 ~ HAPPY LOVE MONTH to all of my parenting, and educational partners!!!!  Are you all amazed that we have “danced” right on into February????  I must admit, I am a bit surprised, yet SO VERY EXCITED to share this ACTION ORIENTED GIFT OF LOVE with all of you, and your cherubs!!!!  This is a fantastic time to reset your “Love buttons,” and make sure they are filled with playfulness, and deep understanding of WHO your cherubs are today!!!!  I would like to assist each of you on this journey, as we re-establish our daily lives of loving our cherubs into their fullest potential!  As we begin to reflect, I highly recommend sinking your teeth into your favorite piece of “See’s” candy (here on the West Coast in the USA), or your most delicious treat for a moment of pure delight, in your part of the world!!!!  While you savor the moment….I encourage you to write down 10 things you LOVE about  your cherub!!!!  Make it a counting of the GREATEST LOVE QUALITIES….SEE them at their ABSOLUTE BEST!!!!  You see, when you begin each day in this space of LOVING THEM…you will soon realize how much JOY, and LIFE they give to you even in the midst of some of their “toughest” development, stages, or maturation processes!  Seeing each cherub through NEW eyes of ACTIVE LOVE….will breathe NEW HOPE, AND LIFE into every aspect of parenting, and educating!!!

So let’s give some MEANING to our “action” words……

L ~ LEAVE your cares out of the “love” equation……LET GO of all stress, and concerns!!!!

O ~ Turn ON your “heart light” to see your cherub’s NEEDS!!!!

V ~ Value every second you have to connect with your cherub!!!

E ~ Engage until your heart OVERFLOWS with JOY….having first LOVED your cherub his/her way!!!!

& ~ Remember….this is the pause to reflect on your own ability to join your cherub in his/her PLAYFULNESS……

P ~ Please leave the “adult” agenda behind, as you enter the “play” zone with your cherub!

L ~ Learn the rules of your cherub’s favorite “play” schemes…..these will keep you loving, and vibrant!

A ~ Activate your humor!!!

Y ~ Yield to your cherub’s desires for FULL engagement, and robust communication!!!!

F ~ Fill in the gaps in the play with new ideas if your cherub is struggling….this will reduce their stress when they are “stuck!”

U ~ Unite ideas, toys, and other objects within the play to help your cherub build bridges to NEW IDEAS…thus expanding their IDEATION!!!!

L ~ Light the way with your INITIATION into play that has become stagnate, or isolative!!!

N ~ Nudge your cherub in LOVING ways to keep trying…even when their skill sets are being challenged….especially in NEW gross, and fine motor activities!!!!

E ~ Embrace your cherub’s “time” frames for play schemes!!!

S ~ Silliness is key to LOVE filled play!!! 

S ~ Stay connected….as the LOVE that comes out in PLAYFULNESS lasts a lifetime!!!! 

Are you all READY to give your NEW gifts????  I believe at the heart of each of us….lives the DEEP desire to engage with our cherubs in this way….we must hold onto the LOVE and activate it through our “playful” selves!!!!

HOLDING each of you in my heart…..PRAYING for your LOVE, and PLAYFULNESS to engage your cherubs in a new, and LASTING way!!!!  Committed to OUR journey…THANKFUL for each one of you…..Off to write my LOVE LIST for my most precious God-Given Daughter!!!!~DK