January 21, 2011 – Do you believe the old saying, “Sticks and stones may break your bones, but words will NEVER hurt you?” Well, if you have not taken the time to truly reflect upon these words or more importantly your words…my hope is that some of these thoughts will speak to your heart, and cause positive verbal change!!! Isn’t it interesting that we will use an electronic dictionary, or spell check in an effort to not appear ignorant in our written communications both professionally and personally?….BUT we will say some of the most inappropriate things in front of our developing cherubs, things that they don’t understand or need to understand at their tender young ages!!! How about when we talk about them in negative ways either about what they cannot do yet, or what the latest diagnosis is or is not??? If you do not fit into these negative verbage categories, think about the profanity that rushes out of our mouths, or the impatient words, that make them feel “not enough,” or the hurtful words that only cut to their hearts leaving wounds that can manifest back out at us at later developmental stages…If any of this resonates with you it is time for a VERBAL overhaul!!! I absolutley believe, “that out of the mouth come the issues of the heart,” thus leaving us as parents needing to make some NEW choices to “mark” our words for healing, encouraging, disciplining, enjoyment, and most importantly as a MODEL for positive social communication!! The TRUTH is, words can not only hurt they can KILL…we live in a society where children learn VERY YOUNG the importance of spoken word, written word, and words that captivate our total attention on radio, TV, and phones. They are absorbing this level of importance far before they can ever put 2 words together. Remember children only do what they SEE you do, or who and what you allow to influence them. Their developing hearts and minds cannot discern what they SHOULD say, and what you as a parent say continuously in their presence!! So, at this moment you might be thinking this is a bit harsh….well take a GOOD look around you, and all the tragedies going on toward children and with children in the world today. So, what do words “kill?” They begin by hardening the heart, and end with outbursts that destroy relationships, cause delusional living, and inhibit possibilities for our child’s life being lived for his/her highest calling!!! I know deep within my own heart that this is a difficult topic, but it is a NECESSARY one, it is one that we can CHANGE today!!! There are so many things in our lives and the lives of our cherubs that we cannot fix or change, but our VERBAL influence can u-turn and begin a transformational process that will heal ALL involved!!! From my heart I challenge you today to not only “mark” your words while in your cherbub’s presence, but challenge yourself to rid your vocabulary of all words that do not inform, exhort, encourage, disciple, heal another’s life, or any other amazing work our positive, truthful words can accomplish in LOVE and Grace!!! I envision hearts, stars, bright lights, pointed arrows to the right path or the right choice coming forth from our mouths that have been MARKED for Good, positive, progressive change for our CHILDREN!!! I am WITH YOU in word, heart, and deed….. –DK