September 3, 2013 ~ Today one of our MOST precious CHERUBS from Singapore has gone home to be with The LORD!!!! My heart skips a beat….and I dream of him dancing, and shaking his EGG SHAKERS in heaven, completely healed and full of JOY!!!!  

In Memory of Nicholas, and in ABSOLUTE CELEBRATION of HIS life, and the lives of HIS parents; Gary and Mein….and BIG BROTHER Ryan….today will be dedicated to writing about HIS young Life!!!!!

Nicholas will forever be known as a GREAT WARRIOR!!!  He was one of the most TENACIOUS children I have ever known…and HE did not cease his tenacity until he was able to PLAY one last time with his Big Brother Ryan, as well as saying his final…Good byes!  In Mom’s words…..”As a parting gift from Nick, after the vitals were critically below survival levels, Nick dug deep down and made his last one hour dash before leaving us.  He opened his eyes and woke up and said his goodbyes.  Even the Doctors were shocked!”  I must say I am not surprised…as this past spring, Nick was participating in a camp at Little Hands in which he wanted to perform a “seal” trick…but the day was hot, and he was fatigued…when he started to jump he began to fall backwards…and by God’s amazing grace I caught him!!!  Although I offered to help him finish….he stood upright, and jumped through the ring per HIS plan!!!  WOW…I was inspired!!!

Nick would often say,…”Auntie DanaKae is back from America!!! ”  I have had the privilege of working with Nicholas and his family since he was 18 months old!!!  He is one of those cherubs that captures your heart…and you can never get him out of your mind!  I remember soooo many times e-mailing his parents to check in on him….staying up praying for better answers how to help him…and seeking help outside of “known” people and methods available!!!  His parents are what I call STAND UP/STAND OUT !!!!  They have more than followed through….all the way to the end…by requesting NON-DAIRY formula for his feeding tube!!!  NOW that is SERIOUS COMMITMENT!  I am soooo PROUD to KNOW this entire family!!!

Nicholas is one of those cherubs that kept you HOPPING….He loved to LEARN…and was EXCELLENT at building puzzles, sensory work/fun, and painting his LETTERS!!!!  He would TRY any challenge that you placed in front of him….but he could also be a bit cheeky, when he did not feel like doing “exactly” what you had asked!  He seemed to know if I was leading an activity, that there was a GREAT chance he would get some “gummy” candy!!!  He would come with his SWEETEST smile and ask for more, of whatever type of treat I had!  I remember in camp feeding “marshmallows” to each other to make big, “Chunky Monkey” smiles…well GUESS whose was the BIGGEST????  YES…it was Nick…he had grabbed the bucket and was tonging the fruit marshmallows into his cheeks!!!!  OH…now how could one get upset?….Instead, I smiled and chewed right along with him!!!

Nicholas also had the gift of being a part of Little Hands/Heart Field School!!!!  His TEACHERS were absolutely AMAZING…and I know like me, HE has definitely changed their hearts and lives forever!!!!  He had good playmates…and LOVED the entire process of learning, growing, and playing!!! (He really LOVED taking other’s food too….I think for sure this was one of Nicks’s ENDEARING qualities!!!) I am SOOOO GRATEFUL to ALL of the staff who always BELIEVED in NICK, and NEVER stopped raising the bar for him to GROW and DEVELOP!!!!  With deep GRATITUDE…and understanding…I hold you each in my heart today…and lift you to our LORD for HIS comfort!!!!

Nicholas…You are HOME with Jesus….and we are SOOOO HAPPY for YOU….but YOU will be DEARLY MISSED by SO MANY….YOUR Family ADORED YOU, YOUR TEACHERS CHERISHED YOU, and YOUR FRIENDS LOVED and ENJOYED YOUR COMPANY!!!!  We THANK GOD FOR YOU in Our LIVES!!!!  We are forever changed…by yet ANOTHER one of GOD’s messengers!!!  YOUR SMILE and EGG SHAKING will forever warm our hearts, and make us DANCE!!!!

NICHOLAS YOU ARE A FRIEND OF OUR HEARTS FOREVER!!!!!   Here is a SONG that makes NICK’s life SING…HE truly was a FRIEND TO ALL and for ALL SEASONS!!!! 14 Friends


Our Love to you…Gary, Mein, and Ryan….YOU are all in our PRAYERS!!!!  ~ DanaKae, Mia, Stef, and Lara