April 5, 2011 – How many of us have tried to create NEW actions in our lives before actually going deeper and changing our ATTITUDES!! Well…I most definitely have tried this tactic far too many times in my life. Over this past weekend, I had the privilege to teach a group of folks who work with children, and are seeking knowledge on “how to include children with special needs.” Then, on Sunday I sat under a teaching that exposed the HUGE lie that many of us get trapped within…and that is we ACT and think we are changed…but truly out attitudes still stink, and our actions speak hypocrisy to our cherubs or any other relationship we are actively engaged in. Interestingly enough, my attitude is truly to help others better understand, love, believe in, and make a way for all people with special needs, so to teach only meant to show Love OUT LOUD!!! My actions and attitude MET and embraced each other in honesty and dept of heart!!! BUT…and you KNEW But was coming…..As I sat under the teaching and searched my own heart about my actions that go forward without a matching attitude…I began to sob…my heart hurt…as sometimes I find myself trying to connect to my cherub, out of exhaustion or life happenings…it is not with that attitude of love and gratitude in every moment. I thought more deeply…as folks moved all around me…it was if I was alone, but could hear the brushing of angels wings…with a message of new hope…for my weary heart….when all of a sudden I felt my own cherub’s arm around my neck….and her other hand squeezing mine…I could hear in my heart…”I LOVE YOU MOM…for WHO YOU ARE!!” It was then….I decided to write to all of my parenting partners…I decided to share that we all have hope…even in our weakest and saddest moments…that our cherub’s KNOW the real attitudes of our hearts, not just the disappointed, frustrated, or sometimes irritated ones… I took a deep breath and wondered if I was alone…but suddenly KNEW once again, that if someone does not LOVE me enough to tell me the truth of what I need to be doing moment by moment to have a deeper, richer, and loving relationship with my cherub, then how will I know??? My heart reaches out to yours tonight…sharing a message, and admonishment, and an encouragement to each of you to REFLECT….search your heart and mind…DO your attitudes MATCH your actions?? If not…you are at risk for an inauthentic life…which you KNOW leads to a non-trusting relationship with your cherubs. Thus, leaving our EQ, emotional quotient stagnant…resulting in a lack of motion in their upward climb on the developmental ladder!!! Join with me for a day, week, or month of ATTITUDE awareness…with a commitment to NEW and adjusted ACTIONS for the good of ALL!! Always growing and changing with you…–DK