Have YOU ever felt so defeated that YOU wondered if YOU could ever BE SUPER-POWERED again? Well, if this is YOU, keep reading and maybe, just maybe you will be ENCOURAGED and INSPIRED!

Recently, I had the MOST AMAZING experience speaking with a LOVELY group of MOMS, and a couple of Grandmothers at a Women’s Event that I was invited to teach at…but what happened next is nothing short of a MIRACLE! YES, I came prepared to share and teach with the Moms, but what they did not know, is that GOD also prepared them to come to INSPIRE ME!

As most of YOU know the past couple of years have caused disappointments, heartaches, financial hardships, relational strains, and loss; but as we are doing life daily with our families, jobs, and friends, we often push through the PAIN, and never end up dealing with the EMOTIONAL issues that have built up. Now, we add the privilege of parenting into the mix, and navigating some of the most important relationships you will ever have, and all of a sudden YOU realize YOU are more drained than ever before! As men and women who live and lead with their HEARTS, YOU find yourself desiring an escape, relief, or a quick shot of rejuvenating super powers!

When we are in this place, the last thing we want to do is join a group process, where we might be asked to speak, or process emotions. This is how I felt deep down inside me, especially after so much loss in the past 5.6 years, Covid, and everything else going on in the world. But, by the GRACE of God I went with an excitement, and an open HEART to SEE what God would do for the Moms that would attend. Sometimes when we walk our road in obedience we meet the graciousness of others, and on this specific occasion this meeting became a healing gift. Knowledge, Inspiration, Encouragement, and the Emotions of parenting were shared with honesty! In the midst, God was working HIS miracles, knitting and connecting hearts, stories, wounds, victories, and FUTURE victories. If I could wrap each of these women up in GORGEOUS wrapping paper and put a sparkly bow on them, they would be the GREATEST gift to each other and to YOU readers! Often we have NO idea of the gift before us, until pain pushes through the darkness and LIGHT SHOWS UP!

This MIRACULOUS day was a demonstration of the verse; Proverbs 27:17 ”You use steel to sharpen steel, and one friend sharpens another.” The Message

My GRATITUDE to each WOMAN that attended the workshop at the conference, and I pray that YOU now know that no matter what is going on in YOUR world or the world around us, God has given us all we need to be SUPER-POWERED in all circumstances, and we have each other to SHARPEN one another, catch each other’s tears, and REPAIR one another’s capes when necessary! It’s YOUR time to SOAR! SENDING LOVE…