HELLO heart partners! A VERY warm welcome to each of you reading…Have you ever studied the word ABIDE?? Or are you familiar with the BIBLE verse which includes “ABIDING?” Let’s take a look at the [...]

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HELLO HEART PARTNERS!! I pray you are all traveling along our journey, trusting GOD to get us to our NEXT ADVENTURE, or THROUGH our NEXT STORM…REMEMBER both are perfect because we are HELD and KEPT [...]

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Celebrations, Selah, & Sabotage!

HELLO Dear Ones!! I pray you all have had an ADVENTUROUS week??? Don’t Forget it’s PASSOVER…VICTORY is OURS!!! MAKE SURE TO CELEBRATE!!! YESHUA is ALIVE! I think by my TITLE I may have some explaining [...]

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Suffering Driving Empathy!

GREETINGS!!! How many of us enjoy SUFFERING?? If we really think about it do we truly KNOW what it is to SUFFER? Is SUFFERING a difficult topic for YOU?? Did you just click off of [...]

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