Let God’s Creatures Speak!

As my NEW ADVENTURE continues, messages are coming in as SPRING TIME “blossoms” all around me! I don’t know about you, but God’s amazing creatures have never ceased to amaze me, and true to my [...]

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HEARTS??? Well, they can be a bit tricky sometimes, but in the hands of our amazing FATHER GOD??? NO PROBLEM!!! Two scripture passages I am drawn to lately have to do with Yeshua’s LOVE for [...]

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OKAY, so many of you may know that phrase, or you may have asked that question of yourself…What is my true NORTH? Well, there is a fantastic scripture reference and it most assuredly has spoke [...]

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Endings and New Beginnings

As I drove away from a job I knew for more than 20 years, I was flooded with a myriad of emotion…leaving the children and families was the absolute hardest for me and my heart [...]

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