January, 27, 2014 ~ Welcome to a NEW week….Parenting and Educational Partners!!!!!  I hope you all have been busy “closing chapters,” as we reach forward to enhance NEWNESS in our cherub’s lives!!!!  Two effective tools that can be very helpful to us as parents and educators, are understanding how to mobilize NOW, while accessing developmental KNOWLEDGE!!!!  As we close chapters, we must KNOW where each of our cherub’s are working, and playing on their developmental ladder.  Without knowledge you will often find your cherub clinging onto a lower “wrung” that is comfortable!!!!  Remember, this is the same as  leaving your “behind” in the past. We have the POWER to help our cherubs CLIMB!!!  Sometimes we as parents and educators will need to utilize our SUPER GLUE remover….to get our cherubs climbing again!.  This “super glue” remover has a VERY specific recipe….this one comes from the HEART!!!!

Let’s take a look at N.O.W.;

N ~ Never parent or educate on a child’s “yesterdays!”  NEWNESS should be in the forefront of our hearts and minds!

O ~ Omit phrases….such as, “You always do,” You never do,” You will never do,” You are not able to,” “You cannot do,” “That’s just the he/she is”

W ~ WOW your cherub with YOUR new attitude toward what they can do TODAY!!!!  Weigh your words….are they uplifting, or down casting????

Once we understand “NOW,” Let’s look at K.N.O.W.L.E.D.G.E.;

K ~ Kneel….This is my recommendation to get down on your child’s level….see what he/she sees, feels, perceives!!!!  I also highly recommend prayer too! : )

N ~ Number your cherub’s STRENGTHS!!!!  Every time we stop to “number” we will remember HOW amazing our cherubs truly are…as well as ALL of their great accomplishments!

O ~ Observe your cherub’s responses to your communication!!!  This observation will help you transform your communication to be more effective and positive.

W ~ Wait patiently……Patience surely does NOT come natural to most parents, and educators…as we tend to be “goal” driven…..BUT, our cherubs NEED and REQUIRE GREAT PATIENCE!!!!

L ~ Leave the past behind…..Let go of anxiety, and expectations….Lend your heart, and hand to usher your cherub UP their developmental ladder!

E ~ EXPECT GREATNESS!!!!!  Your positive attitude will project positive expectations!!!!

D ~ Deny yourself the right to be impatient, rude, or frustrated with your cherubs!!!!  Decide to parent NOW with deep knowledge of your cherub’s great strengths and weaknesses!

G ~ Get GOING…..Grab every nugget of improvement you see or hear from your child’s educators, or parenting partner, and place it prominently in your NOW process of leading your cherub forward!

E ~ Expect….and EXECUTE….Whether you are parenting, educating, or doing both….HOLD your expectations for your child according to your knowledge of WHO they are….and WHO they are BECOMING!!!!

Did you get a “clue” on the “super glue” remover recipe????  It is all about slowing down to delineate our cherub’s NEEDS, with FULL KNOWLEDGE in “heart and mind”….NOW!!!!!

As we focused a few weeks ago on “creating can-do” children….NOW you can perceive, it is all about creating CAN-DO Parents and Educators too!!!!  I BELIEVE in each of you!!!!  THE TIME IS NOW!!!!

May this week….reveal NEWNESS in YOUR NOW, and YOUR KNOWLEDGE!!!!

With Gratitude to be Journeying along side each of you….right now in knowledge, love, and NOW!!! ~ DK