Heartworks Intervention Services©(H.I.S.©), developed by DanaKae Bonahoom, M.A., is a comprehensive intervention Model that is at its core an authentic Developmental Model. The cornerstone of Heartworks Intervention Services©(H.I.S.©) is the foundational belief that “all children come to know and be known” and that “All behavior has a communication”. This can only occur when a deep respectful, loving connection is established and is essential for the child to feel valued and willing to work towards their goals. 

Heartworks Intervention Services©(H.I.S.©)  helps parents and professionals “get beyond the label” and understand each child’s unique profile. Heartworks in Motion© (H.I.M.©) is DanaKae’s comprehensive curriculum model that brings Heartworks Intervention Services©(H.I.S.©),  to life in schools. The curriculum is designed to  support  gaps in a child’s development, identifies the child’s unique sensory processing profile and deficits, and captures the child’s heart and drive by harnessing their internal drivers (the loves of the child’s heart), enabling them to willingly climb the developmental ladder.

Heartworks Intervention Services©(H.I.S.©)and Heartworks in Motion©,  pioneers a new concept of “follow the need”, which looks beyond the physical needs of the sensory and central nervous system, beyond the biological differences in children, to what are the needs of the child, the family, the school and environmental structure.

Heartworks Intervention Services©(H.I.S.©) and Heartworks in Motion© works well with children of a variety of developmental capacities and challenges and is ideally suited to both mainstream schools, inclusive school and schools serving children with special needs. The approach is holistic and encourages an integrated approach in the family, therapy and school setting. It encourages emotional and intellectual growth in children by tailoring the approach to the individual child’s needs and core deficits and the individual and communal needs of schools.  The Heartworks Intervention Services©(H.I.S.©), and Heartworks in Motion©(H.I.M.©)  approach enables parents, educators, clinicians to use structured, semi-structured and playful “child inspired” interactions to master developmental milestones including creative and abstract thinking formerly thought beyond their reach. This methodology has proven to benefit both the child with special needs and the neuro-typical child.

As a developmental model, Heartworks Intervention Services©(H.I.S.©) and Heartworks in Motion© (H.I.M.©) has its foundation in the well-researched field of early childhood developmental interventions, and the work of Dr. Stanley Greenspan helped inform the conceptualization of Heartworks.

In the recent years, there has been a tremendous increase in the number of children diagnosed with special needs and learning difficulties; parents and professionals alike have had to scramble to find appropriate support for individual children and for children in school settings.  Further, they have had to make due with antiquated curriculum or tried to adapt existing mainstream curriculum models to support their children.  Up until now there has not been a curriculum model that is designed to meet the needs of ALL children, both the neuro-typical child and those children with neuro-biological challenges. Heartworks Intervention Services©(H.I.S.©)  and Heartworks in Motion© were created to meet the needs of all children and in a way that is exciting, creative and best of all,  supports children and educators at the same time!    All available research supports the efficacy of developmental interventions and Heartworks Intervention Services©(H.I.S.©), and Heartworks in Motion© have proven to radically change a child’s prognosis and future. These services can change the future for not only the child but also the family and our community at large.

If you are interested in accessing Heartworks Intervention Services©(H.I.S.©) and Heartworks in Motion© for your child, or are interested in bringing Heartworks in Motion© Curriculum model to your school, please  visit the “Services” section of this site and  go to “School Consultations” in the drop down menu, or contact us at DanaKae@heartworksintervention.com

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DanaKae Bonahoom is the sole owner and distributor of materials and curricular consultations for Heartworks Intervention Services© and Heartworks in Motion© (HIM©) .  Monica Lim, is an authorized Curriculum Director for Heartworks in Motion©