September 11, 2010 – Wouldn’t it be fabulous if raising our cherubs was truly this simple? Just opening these special packages, admiring their amazing beauty, dreaming of their ultimate potential, and then plugging them in and they work to our total satisfaction!! Well…it can be something like this description when we pay attention to the details of successful operation. As we begin or reignite our connections to our children, we must choose to accept their rules of engagement. Some children need extra starting time, often causing us to take pause and reach into their hearts to see their true need. A simple example of a child with alerting issues in the morning could be; a simple yet peppy song sung by his/her beloved parent while opening shades, and touching gently, firmly or tickly. Maybe your child is not a morning eater so allowing them to listen to music, get some movement, look at books, activate some toys will allow their bodies to prepare to “plug-in” for ultimate engagement. We often find our uniquely designed children to “appear” head strong, obstinate, down right stubborn, possibly exuding a negative attitude, yet when met with a positive power source our children become delightful, flexible, and quite positive! So…what is the secret to the positve power plug??? It lies in the parent’s ability to choose to lay down the pen to their own story and pick up the “marker” to co-author their child’s story. As a parent discovers the power of being a “co-author,” he/she will soon feel the pulsating power of the child’s life making permanent marks that will change their heart and life forever!! Do you desire to be a co-autohor? Let’s discover the steps to putting down our personal pens and picking up our cherub’s marker. Step One: Realize your pen is old and dried up!!! –DK