January 21, 2014 ~ STRETCH, REACH…..RUN/WALK….or MOVE in a forward pattern to the BEST of your ability!!!!

Hello Parenting and Educational Partners!!!!  OH YES….it really is January 21….on our way to February!!!!  How are you all doing in your RESOLVE to be current, positive, and practicing parents, and educators?  Are you “Creating Can-Do Children?”  If you feel stuck yourself, or for your child….maybe it is time to “close a chapter,” in order to MOVE yourselves onward and upward!!!!  I have recently learned, and seen the impact as a parent when we remain stuck in old thoughts, memories, or patterns of responding to “old” behaviors!!!!  If you are like me….it just might be TIME to close a chapter, and put on a FRESH vision for yourself, your cherubs, maybe your career, relationships…or any area you have experienced this HORRIFIC, yet often “comforting” place of “OLD.”  REMEMBER….our cherubs only do what we do….so when they get into a new situation that creates unrest, or stress, they will reach BACKWARD to what they have known….instead of having a FUTURE plan!  The critical point here is NOT, that they reach back for themselves…but, they also reach back, and BEHAVE according to our reactions and expectations!!!!  Can you hear me saying….”OH DEAR” (in a low guttural tone) ?????  By the way, “oh dear” is my way of PAUSING/PRAYING…..it creates a bridge for the mind and heart to contemplate and prepare a plan of action, instead of reacting!!!!  I highly recommend using a phrase that helps you neutralize before responding to your cherub!!!!

Now…that we have realized our “reaching backwards,” what can a parent or educator do to “close the chapter” of old, and BEGIN ANEW….REACHING FORWARD for a cherub’s GREATNESS????

First, as my dear friend just reminded me….”Don’t leave your “behind” in the PAST!”  I find that to be a GREAT, FIRST…..reminder…..NOW what to do to get our “behinds” out of the PAST?????

REFLECT!!!!!  Be honest with yourself as the ADULT who holds the key to pushing our cherubs FORWARD in LOVE and GRACE….with MERCY as the DRIVER!!!!

TURN AND FACE FORWARD…..Do not look to the left or right…keep your HEART and EYES holding the VISION for your cherub!!!!

DO whatever it takes to CLOSE THE CHAPTERS ON THE PAST!!!!  Yesterday is OVER….our cherubs have NEW things to accomplish with the NEW tools that YOU… their experts are imparting to them!!!!  It is ultimate freedom to let go of the PAST….even if it was something you remember as “perfect”….when we stay “stuck” we hinder FURTHER growth, greatness….lessons, and gifts to be tested, and refined!!!!  God has AMAZING plans for your life…and of course your cherub’s life!!!! 

Is your “BEHIND” making a u-turn yet?????  I BELIEVE in each one of us…..WE CAN DO THIS!!!!

OUR cherub’s forward movement DEPENDS on US!!!!

Set a NEW plan with your cherub, and as a family!!!!  It is life giving for everyone to have a “part to the whole” of the “forward process!”

Make a FUN chart to PLOT your growth….don’t forget to allow for “forgetful” moments!!!!  These are NOT mistakes…just “Oh dears,” or WHOOOPS!!!!  PAUSE, FORGIVE, FORGET, RE-PLAN….and MOVE FORWARD!!!!!  YOU WILL BE SOOOO GRATEFUL when you SEE the fruit of “putting your past behind….and reaching forward!”  TOGETHER WE CAN DO THIS!!!!

Today….I thank GOD for my God-Given Daughter….and ALL of your children who have spoken HIS truths into my life!!!!  I HOLD your HEARTS, and MOST of ALL I BELIEVE IN EACH OF YOU!!!!!

~~~~ In His Great Love ~DK