February 14, 2011 – HAPPY LOVE DAY to all of YOU!!! As I was thinking about our cherubs this morning, I was reflecting on WHAT our children need to feel and see the MOST in our “heart” lives!! I SEE huge wings…wings that speak…”I can do it!” “I am free!” I know how to do something new!” Our cherubs need to KNOW not just that we believe in them, but that we are ready to RELEASE them in their NEW accomplishments!!! If your chid is learning to use a spoon…then it is YOUR cue to not FEED them anymore, but to exhort, and trust that they will take the food in that they need too!!! If your child is learning how to bathe, then it is time to “prepare” the way, but ALLOW them to wash, and do their BEST…If your child is of age to use a cell phone or computer, then it is your chance to set “parental controls,” but celebrate their new area of development and see what they can create!! If you are a proud parent of a child being toilet trained, it is time to STOP nagging, and positively cue them to take care of their bodies…Our children want to FLY…and in LOVE we can release them for GREATNESS!!! When we hold them back, “learned helplessness,” steps in, and truly they feel bound and constricted to points where they become aggressive, argumentative, isolative, or just defeated!! WE must move onward in our development too and see our cherubs in their NEWNESS, their new accomplishments!! It is important for us as parents to KNOW why we are holding on, or pushing them backwards, not cheering them forward due to our own fears, our own old stories….OUR…Well, it is NOT about us…We are the WING GIVERS…but only through hearts that reach out and STOP the old ways, old fears…I pray this VALENTINE’s day can be a NEW day of RELEASING…for you and your cherubs!!! I am FLYING with you…BE BRAVE…SOAR!!!!–DK