School and Curriculum Consultation Training and Development

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♥School Consultations for Individual Child

 Assessment will focus on:

       The child’s ability to relate, regulate, modulate in the school setting.

       is there an emotional match of the child with the teaching staff,

       is the child able to communicate with staff,

       are there social fears,

       Academic weakness,

       is their voice heard when they want to talk about celebrations,

       Is the environment/classroom set-up taking into consideration the child’s sensory profile?

Debriefing with the school staff (parent and other team members are present). Strategies are given and recommendations for additional services if appropriate


NEW!  Full Implementation of Heartworks in Motion© (H.I.M©) NEW!

Heartworks in Motion© (H.I.M©) Activates Educational Experiences through Literacy and Love

Affect-Literacy Based Curriculum

   Integrated Curriculum

o   Addresses all areas of Neural-sensory development

o   Comprehensive language development

o   Core Academics: Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Science, Social & Community Studies

o   Meets or exceeds all State and Governmental Standards

o   Arts: Music (instrumental & voice), Drama, Dance, Multi-Media Art

o   Sports-from a Developmental Perspective

Developmental Science

o   Emotional Quotient drives Intelligence Quotient

o   Character Development

o   Self-Possession

o   Core Values

o   Moral Intelligence

o   Positive community, family and peer relationship development


H.I.M.© curriculum is easily modified to meet the individual needs of :

       Individual States and Countries

       Public, Private, Parochial and Special Education Schools

o    Infant-Toddler Programs

o   Preschools

o   Primary

o   Secondary

o   Special Education

o   Adult Day Programs

Bringing Education to life through passion, perspective and pursuit of learning processes that build for life! Developing cognitive connections one leap at a time!

Heartworks in Motion© (H.I.M©) is a comprehensive Curriculum Model that is available for Purchase, and schools can contract with DanaKae Bonahoom and Monica Lim, Curriculum Director, to be trained in the implementation of the H.I.M.©

This is a comprehensive and complete package of full school year curriculum plans, video and digital examples, monthly Skype curriculum development meeting, supervision and support by DanaKae Bonahoom and/or Monica Lim and in person support is available. Pricing and full information is available by contacting us at:

♥Consultations for Heartworks Intervention without adaptation of Heartworks in Motion© (H.I.M.©)

Would include the following:

       Meet with teacher and/or counselor to find out what their sense of the need

       Focused look at what is/are the problems and difficulties

       What environmental strategies are being used or are needed

       What are the sensory needs of the children?

       Recommendations on how to match children for group processing

       Review of classroom schedule

       Help building in developmentally appropriate movement activities

Heartworks in Motion© and Heartworks Intervention Services© are protected under United States and International Copyright laws.  All materials distributed at Seminars, Private and Public schools and Preschools is the property of Heartworks Intervention Services and DanaKae Bonahoom, M. A.  All curricular material, ideas, plans shared past, present and future, are protected by Copyright laws. 

DanaKae Bonahoom is the sole owner and distributor of materials and curricular consultations for Heartworks Intervention Services.  Monica Lim, is an authorized Curriculum Director for Heartworks in Motion©