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DanaKae offers Insightful and Inspiring Seminars each trip. They are open to both parents and professionals and will leave you deeply moved and ready to roll up your sleeves to do the “Heartwork” of parenting and teaching your amazing children!

Parenting Seminars-Creating a spirit of “partnership in parenting”

Sample Parenting Seminars:
1. Babbles to Brilliance
2. Parenting with a Hopeful Heart
3. Child-Inspired Interactions-What They Are and What They Are Not
4. Body Brain Disconnect

Public, Discipline-Specific Seminars open to all professionals and parents

Sample Professional/Parent Seminars:
1. Caution: Sensory Systems at Play
2. Untangling the Mystery of Emotional Development and Sensory Processing
3. Hearts and Hands United: All Behaviors Have a Meaningful Communication
4. Journey of Uniquely Designed Children
5. Comparative Presentation: Children with Sensory Processing Disorder and Autism Spectrum Disorder ( for Pediatricians)

What one parent said after attending Heart and Hands United: All Behaviors Have a Meaningful Communication. “I went to that training to learn how to get rid of some of my child’s behaviors and what I learned was that I needed to learn the language of my child.”