October 1, 2012 ~ SPEAK LIFE??? Really?? In the state I am I today??? Do you know what is happening in my life? Do you really desire to talk about “Speaking Life?” ANSWER…..ABSOLUTELY!!!!

Hello Parenting Partners!!! Oh…I hope you are ready to think about the POWER of your words today!!! It is time to SPEAK LIFE 100% to our children daily!! Remember…they will only DO WHAT YOU DO…so if you take the time to allow life to come into your eyes, mind, and heart today…maybe just maybe…your LIFE will get BIGGER, and BETTER in NO TIME!!! The power of our tongue is noted in MANY books…by MANY authors…but I put my trust in God’s word…where it says the tongue has the power of life and death!!! It also states that a “gentle” tongue brings LIFE…but one that is contrary “breaks!” Did you realize that your tongue holds that much POWER??? Well, it does….As we look at child development…we see just how babies are made…between 9-11 months they STUDY the mouth, and tongue of the speaker…they map the movements, and log in the emotional language of the cherished parents, and family members! THE POWER BEGINS!!! Children are initially moved by sound, facial expression, and verbal engagement…but as they age…they become focused on intonations, specific sounds, and ultimately begin to repeat ALL of the words they hear in their environment!!! It is not enough to simply “clean up” your language as the child ages…CHILDREN HEAR, and PERCEIVE all emotional language from moment ONE…even before they arrive in your arms!!! As they grow…children require PROTECTION in the area of negative language…as they often come with developmental issues! We SHOULD not ever speak in their presence about their issues/disability! They should always HEAR the positives, and never be shamed, scolded, or belittled for their CURRENT inabilities! Your cherubs MUST perceive in SPOKEN word…that YOU BELIEVE in them…that they will BECOME all they have been created for!!! We must avoid statements such as, “You are too big for that, You are too old for that, Why can’t you do this or that? You should KNOW better….etc” These type of statements assault “who” your cherubs are, and cut right into their developing emotional systems!!! Recently, I have had some monumental experiences in this arena of “speaking life” to children! I have seen a child turn his behavior immediately for good, as soon as an adult had apologized for “missing” his INTENT, as well as watching a very young child…move into reenactment of a situation while ceasing his tantrum…simply because the adult SPOKE to him about his intent to communicate. And just today…even through a major tantrum, I saw a child regulate, return to joy, and reintegrate after speaking life, by describing and showing him that his clothes were being washed and dried!! You see it was not enough to just tell him…life came by meeting his heart’s need to KNOW through his eyes!! Are you seeing some keys??? YES…it is all around our INTENT to communicate for the life of the child!!! Remember, children are intuitive, and they read emotional intent sharply! They have come to BE KNOWN…so to KNOW a cherub….you MUST be able to READ intent, and need in order to respond for life!

It is such a privilege to be a part of “speaking life,” into a child’s life…and as a PARENT it is also an honor…as the more we speak life…the greater opportunity a child has to live his/her life to its fullest! It is time once again to examine our verbal communication, as well as staying alert to our “exclamatory” language!! Take the CHALLENGE, and keep a communication journal of all of the LIFE GIVING statements you make to your child in ONE week!!! As you read them…LIFE will jump right back into your own heart too!!! Children are LIFE givers…healers, and true speakers of GREATNESS!!!

Off to SPEAK LIFE to….and RECEIVE LIFE from~ God’s gift to my life!!! ~DK