March 20, 2013~ HAPPY SPRING!!!  This is one of my most favorite times of the year!!!  It is all about NEW beginnings, and reminders of NEW life all around us!!!  As I reflect on Spring time…I think of ALL the NEW ways we can create interactions, and new activities for our children to learn and grow into their fullest potential!  It is time to take a look at our cherub’s actions…looking deeply, and assessing them as communications, behaviors, or sensory needs….Quite often we get concerned about regression, or lack of development…but in truth…our child just needs to be re-activated, and re-energized to engage in methodical movement to meet their growing bodies, minds, and emotional states!  Just like many of us engage in “spring cleaning” in our home, lives, or professions,….it is also crucial to do some “spring cleaning” for our children, and their daily routines, sensory input, and social engagement!!  Sooooo, how do we do that???  GREAT question….

Take a look at your child’s developmental progress….use a developmental chart or simple assessment tool.  Reflect back over the past 6 months and review progress from school, play groups, OT, Speech, sports, art classes etc….NOW you have a profile to Spring into Action….If you have noticed a decrease in language, check in on your child’s oral input, fine motor work, bilateral coordination practice, and auditory integration/processing.  If you have noticed a decrease in social engagement, check in on your child’s sensory perception, stress from environment, and increase in expectations.  If you are taking note, or receiving reports of decreased interest in learning activities or academics…check in on your child’s daily movement levels, dietary changes, and physiological processes!!!  Once you begin to narrow your child’s profile….now you are ready to put some NEW LIFE into their ACTIONS!!!  All children benefit from “methodical” movement, so the FIRST element to attend to is their daily activities.  Here are a few ideas:  Swimming classes/family swim, cycling, scooter riding/skate boarding, skating, ball play of any kind, climbing, obstacle courses, gym classes, dancing (structured & free), drama classes, art experiences, and cooking!! (There are many more…BE CREATIVE) Each of these activities meet a child’s need for methodical movement, emotional connectivity, motor-planning and sequencing, creativity, and sensory integration! Remember:  YOU are the most IMPORTANT PLAY PARTNER

As you SPRING your child into NEW activities or increase of their current activities, you will experience NEW leaps in development across all domains!  Although many children will “feel” challenged, they will eventually set new patterns, and demonstrate new skills as they grow emotionally into new levels of confidence.  As a parent you will experience a NEWNESS…a re-energized season of seeing your cherub soar!!

Sooo here is your opportunity to SPRING into Action today!!!  I encourage each of you to try something NEW…you will be AMAZED, at the outcomes for each cherub!  It is time to help them sprout NEW wings!!!  Celebrating this beautiful time of year…parent to parent…I partner with you as we discover our child’s abilities and talents!  ~HAPPY SPRING…HAPPY PLAY…~DK