July 17, 2011 – Another end to a wonderful Sunday, giving THANKS for a day to prepare for the coming week…the race set before me…As I was sharing my day with family and friends, I found myself thinking about all of my parenting partners and what their days could be like…I know that many of you are in the middle of diagnoses, or manifestations of symptoms…so I stopped…and held you in my heart, I know many of you are working and playing with your cherubs, and seeing new skills appear right in the midst of your engagements, and I stopped and smiled in my heart… and I know some of you are praying over your ill child, hoping the answer of good health will come soon…and I joined you in prayer in my heart!! Wherever you are in your parenting journey I know that grace abounds for you!! We can often become so busy with our parenting roles, and our cherub’s developmental issues, that we miss those moments of true grace. Sometimes it is easier to get a new pair of shoes for our race…than it is to accept grace. Tonight I want to remind you to see your child in the light of grace!! Your cherub’s have some of the BIGGEST smiles that I have ever seen, they can light up a room with their laughter, love and true zest for play, connecting, and participating with friends!!! Some of my most recent gifts from your cherubs include huge hugs, big smiles, calling my name to engage, e-mails, and demonstrations of love in numerous ways!! I say to myself…”Stay in the race…DK” As I hold my own heart…I see a new sun rising…one that is casting rays of grace throughout the race of my life!! THANK YOU comes bursting forth as new interventions are being birthed to give back to many of your cherubs…We must stay in the race together!!! As our children see us staying the course…they will work harder, play harder, and will climb their developmental ladders reaching new rungs set for their lives!! Remember to give your cherub’s opportunities to “show” you what they can do, and what they know…sometimes it “appears” like they cannot, but give them time, and keep your eyes set on them “doing” for themselves!!! Remember, they will do, and try to do what you expect them to do!!! Keep a camera handy…capture their new accomplishments so you can encourage them as well as your own heart!! Ok…time to change those racing shoes in for a pair of slippers for the night…sending love to all of you!!! –DK